Episode 180 - The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 5

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Jaela in the Jerkoff Palace

"Youuuuuuu're a litttle shiiiit. I hate your guuuuts, and want you to diiiieeee. But I'm going to saave you anywaaa-aaaaayy." ~ Jett Razor inspiring Bucky
"I said I'd settle this one on one. You tried to bring this guy into it and look what happened! Craziness!" ~ Aludra Wyrmsbane to Thorack Oakback


Episode 180 - The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 5

Bucky's in danger, and the party pulls out all their tricks to save him before getting hanged as they confront the Oakbacks.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Alloryn Wyrmsbane
  • Bucky
  • Oakbacks
    • Dorack Oackback
    • Storack Oakback
    • Thorack Oakback
    • Tora Oakback



The Oakbacks have Bucky in a gibbet with his arms tied behind his back, a hood over his head, and a noose around his neck. Thorack Oakback yells down to Aludra Wyrmsbane across the moat that he will set Bucky free if she and her friends agree to leave and never come back to Deephome. They promise that things will return to the way it was, and they will do nothing further to harm the Wyrmsbanes. Aludra doesn't trust him and sends Jett to slime his way over to the keep and sneak his way in, despite her father's reservations against sneaky tactics not being worthy of a dwarf. Aludra challenges Thorack to a one on one duel, and Thorack agrees to a duel, but he won't fight himself and will use a champion in his place.

Aludra calls out Thorack for being a coward, but before the duel can start, Jett Polymorph's one of the guards into a pug, makes his way up to the parapets, and then casts Geas on to the champion to force him to scream uncontrollably until a year is up or he would reach the point of death, whichever comes first. With the commotions, Aludra, Harper, and Jaela rush towards Bucky using Jump, Investiture of Wind, and Boots of Flight. Thorack freezes in the commotion, but Grandma Tora Oakback pulls the lever to the gibbet and Bucky falls. Before he can suffocate, Harper uses Scorching Ray to burn the rope and have him fall to the ground relatively unharmed. Storack Oakback swings his hook hand at Jett, but is Jett is able to get free and put himself in a defensive position by Bucky. Aludra is able to jump from the moat and land on top of the wall right in front of Thorack, and swings her hammer in a Stonestrike. The stunned Thorack Oackback has not expected this to escalate as far and fast as they did and he surrenders and pleads for Aludra to stop. Aludra wants to finish this, but then runs towards Bucky and removes the hood from his head.


  • Thorack has a trick knee.

Inventory Updates

  • +1 Bucky from the party

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Win the dwarven civil war
  • [Active] - Clear Jaela's name
  • [Active] - What are birds?
  • Longcryer!
  • Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 16
    • Nika - 13
    • Tim - 8
    • Bachmann - 4

  • Aludra - Insight Check to see if Thorack is telling the truth
    • 21 - Fairly sure that once she's gone, they'll try to destroy the Wyrmsbanes

  • Jett - Stealth Check to sneak through the door
    • 17 - It's right on the edge, but Jett slimes he way down the moat and up the other side to get by the guards. He will get in but it take a little time.

  • Jett - Stealth Check to try to get by a guard and run up the stairs
    • 8+4 - Jett ungooifies, and the guard notices him but hasn't yet called out.
    • Polymorph requiring a Wis Saving Throw vs 17 Spell Save DC
      • (?) - Succeeds - He becomes a pug puppy named Darryl and looks very excited and could start barking at any second.

  • Jett vs Oakback Champion
    • Geas (at 7th level) requiring a Wis Saving Throw
      • (?) - Succeeds - The Champion begins screaming at the top of his lungs

Combat Begins

  • Initiative
    • Aludra - Nat20
    • Thorack Oakback
    • Grandma Tora Oakback
    • Harper -14
    • Uncle Storack Oakback
    • Jett - 3+2...+2?
    • Jaela - 5 (lower dex)
    • Grandpa Dorack Oakback

Round 1

  • Aludra vs
    • Jump - Bucky! I'm coming for you buddy!

  • Thorack Oakback
    • (?) - Is confused and freaking out. What's happening! Why is he screaming!

  • Tora Oackback
    • (?) - Keeps her wits and grabs the lever and yanks it. Bucky drops and is hanging.

  • Harper vs Noose
    • Quicken spell to turn Investiture of Wind into a bonus action
    • Investiture of Wind, flys towards Bucky, and casts Magic Missile (at 3rd level)... but rope isn't a creature. Acid Splash... no... not a creature... Scorching Ray (at 2nd level)
      • 22 - first ray cuts through the rope and Bucky falls to the ground.

  • Storack Oakback (missing one hand face horribly burned) vs Jett
    • Melee attack with hook hand - 19
      • 15 damage (piercing) and has Jett grappled

  • Jett vs Storack
    • Acrobatics Check - Nat20 - Does a flip and detaches the hook
    • Moves towards Bucky and Bardic Inspiration - Listen, you're a little shit, but you're gonna make it out. "Youuuuuuu're a litttle shiiiit. I hate your guuuuts, and want you to diiiieeee. But I'm going to saave you anywaaaay."

  • Haste vs Storack
    • Boots to fly
    • Haste on self
    • Fly into Storack - 23
      • Hits - 11 damage - Ow! My burned face!

  • Dorack Oakback
    • Arrrr! Dentures fall out. Hobbles away.

Round 2

  • Aludra vs Thorack Oakback
    • Jumps and lands on top of the wall, in front of Thorack
    • I said I'd settle this one on one. You tried to bring this guy into it and look what happened! Craziness!
    • Stonestrike (at 2nd level) adding 2d8 extra, also requiring a Str Saving Throw vs 16 Spell Save DC. Hammer attack - 14
      • Notice Thorack isn't wearing real battle armor. Hits him in the head. - 22 damage (bludgeoning) - He is stunned that he just got hit in the face with a hammer.
      • (?) - Success - He gets pushed back into the wall but doesn't fall off.

  • Thorack Oakback
    • Stop! Stop, please!
      • You're the one that started this! I'm not going to stop!... but then Aludra runs to Bucky and pulls off the hood on his head.

Combat Ends