Episode 188 - A Dark Past Part 2

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The escape of Young Lord Titus Harper
"I will always do good, no matter what, alright? No matter what.. Even if my stupid dad, or sister... those dickheads. Always do good, no matter what. Come on... I'll be different from them. Ambition is for suckers. I don't want what they want. Come on." ~ Titus Harper, experiment


Episode 188 - A Dark Past Part 2

So what exactly made Harper's past so dark anyway? Was it his father forgetting his birthday? Or was it the recurring torture and imprisonment by the fiend Longcryer? Guest Carly Shields from Brute Force returns to help find out.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Longcryer's Tower


Titus Harper awakens, bandaged, to find a worried Camille above him. After expressing his doubt at his abilities, Fez tells them that they need to escape. While Titus lays in bed to heal, he dreams of runnning around his father, who is writing a letter. Titus begs his father not to send him to another White Spire, but when he turns to look at his face, his father turns with him. This continues until Titus wakes, screaming, "Daddyyyyy!" His blanket is singhed upon waking, to Titus' excitement. A week passes, with Fes continuing to warn them they need to leave. They are distressed to learn that Camille's letters have not been responded to. Titus asks Fes when his next training will be, and he responds that it's today. Titus briefly considers asking Fes to go in his place, but Fes looks to be in a pretty bad way, so he doesn't. Addy the Dog squeaks a toy in the background. This is canon.

Askur arrives with the potion, and Camille stands between them, begging for mercy. Askur says that this training "will be a fun one for him." Titus warns that he will get his revenge once he gets out of here, and is punched in the face by the dwarf. Camille swings ineffectivley at him and Titus tries to tackle him. Askur sits on Titus and forces him to drink the potion. Askur drags and throws a strugling and reluctant Titus into the Antichamber. Titus bloodies his knuckles banging on the door, until it opens to reveal Longcryer. Titus attempts to stomp on his feet to escape, 3 Ninjas-style, but Longcryer snaps his fingers, freezing him in place. He shows the young master a letter his father signed, granting Longcryer permission to do whatever he wants to Titus. Longcryer tells him that all he has to do to pass this test is just to destroy a bale of hay, which he does.

Askur then drags him to a room with a lot of weapons. He enthusiastically attacks Titus with a quarterstaff. He screams "I'm gonna fucking kill you!" and attacks with two staves of his own, but when he swings, they pass right through the Dwarf. The potion is hindering him, but he feels a well of energy build within him. He calls to it and succesfully Kamehameha-s Askur. He briefly seems to morph into the shape of Longcryer before Titus passes out.

He once more awakens in bed, bandaged. He finds a note from Fes saying goodbye. He is getting out of there, and he hopes Titus makes it out as well. Camille tells Titus that he was unconcious for three days. She has also heard rumors that Fes didn't escape, he was taken upstairs. They decide to free Fes and escape. She gives him a health potion, and a suspicious Titus has her tell him something only Titus would know. After drinking it, he feels better, and seems to have mastered control of his magic. He uses a variety of destructive blasts around the room, before disguising himself and leaving.

Camille, knowing the servants quarters well, leads the way. When they get to the floor he is on, they are almost caught by Askur, but they hide in a nearby room. They search for Feslan and find him sitting at a desk with a candle lit. He appears to be under Longcryer's control, and does not want to leave. Titus slaps him, but accidentally knocks him out. They decide to try to carry him out, but Longcryer is standing just outside the door. He paralyzes them, and Askur and another henchman carries them away. Askur throws Titus into bed and force-feeds him another potion until he passes out.

Titus awakens. The main door is locked, and he can't fire blast his way out, so he heats up the door to burn whomever comes through next. He then breaks a chair to have two sticks to fight with. A serving woman brings him food, burning herself and Titus uses wind to cool down the door and burns. He then knocks out the woman with the chair pieces. As he is running away, he is tackled by Askur. He tries to use his powers, but is suddenly powerless. Askur throws him into the Antichamber.

He hears muttering coming from the training room. It is Fes, holding Askur's quarterstaff. Titus takes the target from before, throws it into the training room, and shoots at it, destroying it with fire. He calls out to Longcryer that he has finally done it, and once he enters the room, the doors seals behind him and Longcryer's voice congratulates him. It then tells the two young learners that only one of them can leave the room. Fes attacks.

Titus goes on the defense, trying not to hurt him, and evading his attacks using a shield he found. As Fes gets more and more hits in, Titus power begins to build slowly, until the energy explodes out if him. He passes out. He wakes up barely and sees Camille, having been beaten up. She tells him they are leaving tonight, she just needs to get the keys. He passes out again.

Once more, he awakens in the Antichamber, and he thinks he sees Camille in the training room, laying next to the quarterstaff. He sits down and heavy footsteps begin coming toward the room. He grabs the target, lights it on fire, and waits for the footsteps to come through. He then hits the person with the burning target. It appears to be Askur. Titus jumps on him, puts his hands on his face and electricities the Dwarf. As he does, the room begins to melt around him, to reveal that he is in the training room. The figure underneath him morphs into Camille. He tries to save her, but the wounds seem to be fatal. She forgives him and tells him to leave. He tries, but the real Askur stops him, telling him that he has passed his final test.


  • Titus Harper had a pet chicken as a child that he told no one about named Mr. Thumbles.
  • Jennifer Cheek snores, Carly is pretty sure she does, and Tim does not.

Inventory Updates

  • -Camille Fordane to the party

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Survive
  • [NEW] [Active] - Get revenges on Longcryer


  • Recap
    • Carly - No Roll. This was her one chance.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls to tackle Askur then dwarf
    • Nat1 once again
      • Askur sits on him before he can even stand
        • The Dwarf weighs 300 lbs.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls to destroy a bale of hay.
    • 19 - Rips into it.
      • Longcryer sees a little smoke.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls Arcana to see if Feslan is under Longcryer's spell.
    • 14 - There's a good chance he's under a spell, but he is not really sure.
      • He is also 13 years old.

  • Young Master Titus Harper insights Feslan to see if he is being truthful.
    • 17 - He feels like he is being straight with him.

  • Young Master Titus Harper attempts to bluff Fes to get him out of his room.
    • 18 - Fes just laughs at him.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls to magically break his magical paralysis.
    • 13 - Nope.
      • "This close to Blissmas and you roll a 13? I tell you."

  • Young Master Titus Harper tries to flame blast the door to escape.
    • 7 - The door seems to be fire retardant.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls Perception in the Antichamber room.
    • Nat20! - He's done it!
      • He believes Fes is in the room.