Episode 18 - Hurry Up & Wait

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 18

Title: Hurry Up & Wait

Air Date: 10/09/2014

Length: 01:19

Swear Jar Count: 28, Staci gets a 25% on her "Imma Die" die.

Next Episode: Episode 19 - A Ghost Story

Previous Episode: Episode 17 - The Road to Jack

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The gang finally heads towards Innsmouth after ONE LAST distraction.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Cameron stops the bus after seeing a familiar Saint Bernard. Eddie, Jack, and Tess approach the dog. Clementine happily moves towards the group, but then immediately faints. Jack and Tess take Clem inside, while the party heads out.

On the road, Lily becomes worried about Clem being in Jack’s care. She convinces the group to return to Tess’s house. After checking on Clementine, Lily sees that they unable to take care of her on the road. Nearly at the destination, Officer 42 tells Cameron to halt the bus at a sign before Innsmouth. Looking around for a spot to hide the bus, the group spots a large cave.

Eddie scouts the cave and finds a large statue and a strange altar inside. Getting a closer look, Eddie sees that the statue looks just like him. A man steps out of the darkness and greets Eddie. He identifies himself as Marco. Once he recognizes Eddie, he seems surprised. Marco suddenly becomes frightened and demands that Eddie stay away from him. The group approaches Marco, and the situation becomes tense after Lily touches the altar. Marco casts some sort of spell on Lily which abruptly ends after 42 puts a bullet through his head. The group searches the cave and finds 42’s armor, and some strange jars. Eddie works on the armor to remove Mary’s override functions.

While waiting, Lily pours over every inch of the altar and discovers a hidden compartment. Within it there is a small box with a pipe and powder. After puffing out some powder, Lily notices a large book at the base of the statue. Lily identifies the book as the Necronomicon, and begins excitedly reading from the book. Suddenly the ground shakes, and the cave starts collapsing.

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