Episode 192 - Mailbageddon

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Dungeon Master Michael DiMauro
"No character on our podcast has ever died without me having had a conversation without that person earlier, before we had that podcast." ~ Michael DiMauro

Episode 192 - Mailbageddon

A mailbag episode to address the death of King Titus Harper


  • Michael DiMauro - Host
  • Tim Lanning
  • Nika Howard
  • Mike Bachmann
  • Jennifer Cheek


  • Michael DiMauro had intended for the Longcryer storyline to end in the loss of Harper's powers. The storyline sparked the idea because of the conversation between Harper and Jaela where he told her that he would gladly have given everything up to have his family alive and well.
  • Originally Adira was going to be involved and would have to choose between keeping his powers or saving his sister.
  • Had Harper inoculated himself with his cure, there would have been an opportunity for Harper to regain his powers had he wanted.
  • If the party had searched Fezzlan's rooms more, there would have been a diary that would have provided more clues.
  • Michael DiMauro did alter the fight with Longcryer due to the death of Harper
  • The only two moments where Nika had regretted drinking while playing are destroying Blood Drinker and being too drunk to pick up on what could have saved Harper.
  • Harper was around for four more episodes than Thom.
  • Michael DiMauro would consider having the party embark on a quest to bring back Harper, however Tim Lanning is not interested.
  • The party was able to hear messages from Camille, because she was there as a ghost. That is why her room was cold.
  • The death of Harper is also further discussed in depth in November 2016 Episode of The Conductor's Seat, Conductor's Seat Track 3, which is available to Patreon subscribers.