Episode 19 - A Ghost Story

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 19

Title: A Ghost Story

Air Date: 10/16/2014

Length: 01:20

Swear Jar Count: 20, Veronica gets a 25% on her "Imma Die" die rolls.

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Previous Episode: Episode 18 - Hurry Up & Wait

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The tiny village outside of Innsmouth gives the gang way more than they expected.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

The party manages to escape from the collapsing cave on the bus. Then the group quickly finds another way to hide the vehicle from sight, and sets off on foot.

After trekking through the wilderness all day, they find an abandoned coastal town and decide to stay in one of the houses. Searching through books in the house, Lily discovers that her parents were residents in this town.

Eddie acts as a sentry while the rest of the party beds down for the night. However, in the middle of the night objects start moving around on their own. From the noise Lily and Cameron wake up and see ghosts. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and in walks the ghosts of Lily’s parents. The ghosts reenact a scene from their lives, and Lily’s parents leave the house. When Lily runs after her parent’s she is accosted by her Mother’s ghost. Lily’s Mother possesses Cameron and forces him to confront Lily. Cameron screams at Lily warning her that she isn’t safe and that she needs to leave immediately.

42 joins the group at the beach. Cameron urges them to leave the town at night. Although he is frantic, and Eddie suspects he might be crazy, Cameron convinces them to leave. However, Lily refuses to move from the beach.

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