Episode 19 - Sibling Rivalry

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Episode 19 - Sibling Rivalry

This week your adventurers are faced with a brand new set of un-friendly faces. When a potential new friend crosses their path, things turn ugly really fast. The inhabitants of this crazy world really hate our heroes. It is almost like everything revolves around them while catastrophe follows in their wake.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Tum's brothers and sisters



With their awesome new intro music, our (un)fortunate group is starting from where they left off, running away from the guards of Caer after setting the dastardly dangerous dog killer Zantac's shop on fire! Time is running out for both the outstanding debt with 22 days left, and the time to steal Blood Drinker, the king of Caer's almighty sword, has a deadline of 25 days.

All of the loyal slaves are still around when the group goes to their ship to sleep. After sleeping they all level up to level 4! Starting with Aludra the Dwarf, she gets a feat called Toughness, she gets +5 hit points (For a total of 57 HP). Tum "Darkblade" Thumble gets Nimble Dodge, a feat that gives Second Chance a -5 penalty to the enemy's roll.

The party is heading up to see Trant Thumble when they are stopped by a mismatched group of people in the street. They introduce themselves as Tum's brothers and sisters and tell him they were sent to fetch him. The party agrees to go with them, but the Thumbles pick a fight with them anyways on very loose grounds.

Despite the Thumbles being much higher levels than the party, they hold their own pretty well until they are finally defeated but not killed.

Quest Log Updates