Episode 1 - The Mighty Fall

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 1

Title: The Mighty Fall

Air Date: 04/07/2014

Length: 01:00

Swear Jar Count: No swear jar count.

Next Episode: Episode 2 - Lights Out

Previous Episode: Season 1 CaF QnA 2

From the Website

Our season 2 premier has our investigators donning some new characters in an all new setting. Someone’s head is on the executioner’s block, will the party be able to save him in time?

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and Friends…

Emmett, a powerful politician’s son, awakes in a cell with his accomplice Riley, a smuggler. After racking her brain Riley recalls being apprehended for smuggling paper the night before. Erik, the station’s head of security, announces that he has obtained a confession, and that Emmett isn’t getting away from him this time.

Eddie Mason hears that his friend has been put in jail, and tries to sort out the situation with Erik. Unfortunately, Erik doesn’t budge. Eddie pushes further, and Erik agrees that execution is too severe a punishment for the crime. Erik relents and places Riley under house arrest at the Mason Family complex.

Riley is moved to the Mason complex, and Lilly, Eddie’s assistant, heads to the Jail to attempt to find another way to free Emmett She confers with Luc, Emmett’s bodyguard. With no other way to save his friend Eddie contacts his father, Warren, and talks him into placing Emmett into stasis.

After being placed within a stasis pod Emmett is then transported under guard to the Mason family stasis chamber. Eddie apologizes to Emmett and activates the stasis pod. Luc feeling his employment might be terminated asks Lilly to find him a job. While clearing Emmett’s office he finds an old paper map. Not sure what to make of it, he puts it into his pocket. Luc then receives a call from Warren. Warren has decided to hire Luc to watch the new uninvited guest, Riley, to ensure she doesn't influence his son. Luc walks into the Mason complex and is greeted by Eddie, and that’s where we left off in this episode.

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