Episode 205 - Locked Up

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Imprisoned Toby Treacletart and Nimbus
"Hello, Aludra. I walked through a doorway... to a new dimension. And in this form... my name is Nimbus. You would know me as Steve. I just wanted to say...'Hey.'" ~ Steve in Gaseous Form


Episode 205 - Locked Up

The party surprises DM DiMauro and peacefully surrenders. They have a role-playing prison session, and they're surprised to see who's in prison with them. And Mike Bachmann debuts a new aspect of Steve, the suave talking Nimbus.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




Inside the White Spire of Pelor's Hope the guards recognize the faces of Aludra the Dwarf and Jaela from their wanted posters and demand that the two of them and the people to teleported in with them drop their weapons. Toby Treacletart is quick to comply, and when realization dawns that this may have to deal with the death of King Titus Harper, the confrontation ends without a fight. The guards take all their most obvious weapons, however Jaela is able to keep her Raven Dagger hidden. The guards aren't quite sure what to make of Steve the Gnollem but as long as he also goes with them peacefully, there will be no problem.

They're taken to the dungeons of Pelor's Hope, with Toby and Steve in one cell and Aludra and Jaela in another, and Jerry taken elsewhere with four sets of handcuffs restricting his movement. Toby is at first first is in a bit of denial about being taken to prison and not the dorm rooms, but adapts and sends Arlington in his rat form to go scouting around, but for the most part is content to wait. Steve waits just barely long enough for the guards to leave before he uses Gaseous Form to leave the cell and explore. Down the hallway, a dwarvish voice calls out for food, and soon it's revealed that Ros, Bucky, Marlamin Windlore, and Erynn Colleen are all in cells as well. Everyone who came home with news of Harper's death and the few belongings he left behind.

Aludra had been content to wait things out an apologize in regards to the death of her friend Harper is furious that her son and her friends have been jailed. Jaela begins forming plans on how to break out, including breaking up their cots to form spears. Steve wafts into the room and speaks to them while in a gaseous state, informing them that in this form he goes by Nimbus and offers some lethal and non-lethal approaches as to what he might be able to do. Toby communicates to the others through use of Message and then later by speaking through Arlington and is deeply concerned, as he's sure this has to just be some misunderstanding. He throws out ideas of contacting his master Xharlion, who should be in Pelor's Hope somewhere, or contacting the head of the White Spire, Watson Copperfield.

However when a guard comes back to drop off some food for the starving Erynn Colleen, he announces that they all must make themselves presentable, as they will be taken before the queen in an hour. Toby is the most enthusiastic about making himself presentable using Prestidigitation and Mending to repair and clean himself up, commenting that this will be his first time meeting a queen, forgetting that Aludra, herself, is a queen. And despite all his protests about trusting in the system, Toby does transcribe Magic Missile onto a blank sheet of his journal and stuffs the page down his underpants.

The guard comes back, with Steve reforming in a different cell just to throw him off, and they're all taken to the throne room with a jury seated off to the side. A stout fellow tells them all to rise for Ashayara Dayne, who will be sitting in judgement against those presented for the crimes of regicide and attempted genocide.

Inventory Updates

  • -1 staff
  • -1 dagger
  • -1 halberd
  • -1 lighter because you're not supposed to bring those through security places
  • -1 hammer
  • -5 javelins
  • -1 shark's tooth
  • -1 blood spear
  • +1 Nimbus

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Clear Aludra and Jaela's Name in Pelor's Hope
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen
  • [Paused] - Gather Allies to fight back the Nareevian threat.
  • Save the Shrinking City of Galanthus


  • Michael DiMauro mentions surprise at how quickly the offered themselves up to be taken to jail and expected them to fight their way through the White Spire.
  • House rules were created for Bachmann to be able to speak in Gaseous Form - 32:04 - 33:14


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - Nat20
    • Nika - 15
    • Tim - 9
    • Jennifer - 10
    • Michael DiMauro - Bapped

  • DM - Odds or Evens to see if there are any rat holes for Arlington to pass through.
    • Tim chooses Odds - Odd - There are rat sized holes to find.