Episode 208 - Clever Girl

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Top: Jaela and Steve. Bottom: Toby and Aludra


Episode 208 - Clever Girl

Typically, your local library doesn’t like it if you make noise. They hate it if make most of the room explode – even if you are trying to thwart an assassination attempt. But some times these things happen, and there is no way the Nareevians were going to just sit back and wait for our gang of heroes to take their time doing careful research.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Masked Nareevians



The episode opens with Toby having just put the Hell Wasp Honey into the Sage's Cup. Light began streaming out of it, and Toby panics, wondering what he should ask. He takes a sip. There is a voice he suddenly hears that says:

"You must choose. Would you like three questions answered, or two questions, and receive a gift."

The other's don't hear this voice. Toby chooses two have two questions answered and the mystery gift. The voice says:

"You may ask two questions, and knowledge shall be bestowed upon you."

Toby asks his first question:

"How do we send Nareev back to its previous plane, without doing any damage to Glaine?"

And receives the response:

"Nareev's previous plane ceased to exist when magic moved into the fifth plane, so you cannot send it back."

So Toby, after some thought asks the second question:

"How do we move Nareev in a way that will save the most lives in Drunkeros?"

And recieves the response:

"In the city of Nareev, you will find the Temple of Soloni. Within the temple, you will find the means to move Nareev."

Then, Toby asks for the mystery gift. Suddenly, Toby's hat goes flying off and his hair starts moving as if he was in a wind tunnel. He is bathed in light, and he hears the voice say:

"The gift of knowledge has been bestowed upon you."

Toby gets a +1 to his intelligence, bringing him to 21, breaking Dungeons and Dragons. He explains what he has learned, then the group is attacked by more masked figures, one with a bat mask, two with cat masks. They seem to be the same as the guys who were with Jett Razor. They immediately regret their decision, however, as Toby casts Polymorph and turns Aludra into a full-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex, and then Steve casts enlarge to make her double the size, and 8 times the weight. Toby gets petrified, still holding the Sage's Cup. The Kaijaludra obviously begins destroying the library, and almost knocks Toby over, but Jerry saves him and the cup. Jaela uses the Raven Queen Dagger to kill one of the minions, and the other two run away, escaping out a window onto the rooftops.


  • Toby's Intelligence is now 21, which is very difficult to do.
  • The first time Toby changes Aludra into a full-sized T-Rex. It will not be the last. Also called Kaijaludra.
  • During the fight, Jerry bites repeatedly, despite having his mouth sewn shut.

Inventory Updates

  • N/A

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 15
    • Jennifer - 3
    • Nika - 8
    • Bachmann - 3

  • Aludra uses Perception to notice something, instead of Michael using her Passive Perception to see if she notices it.
    • 19+8=27 - Success
      • She notices two figures darting toward the group.

Combat Begins

  • Initiative
    • Jerry - Nat20
    • Bat Mask
    • Toby - 20
    • Steve - 17
    • Cat Mask 1
    • Aludra - 15
    • Jaela - 4
    • Cat Mask 2

Round One

  • Bat Mask vs Aludra
    • Melee Attack (small club) - 26
      • Hit - Grapples her
    • Melee Attack (slam using a spiked helm) - Nat1
      • Fail

  • Toby on Aludra
    • Polymorph - to turn her into a Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Steve on T-Rex Aludra
    • Enlarge to make her double the size
  • Jerry gets an attack
    • "Nibbles" on one of the masks - 14
      • Miss

  • Cat Mask vs Toby
    • Eyes glow red, requiring a DC 16 WIS saving throw
      • 7 - Toby is paralyzed
    • Enters Jaela's Domain of Doom, provoking an opportunity attack
      • Jaela vs Cat Mask
      • Melee Attack (Halberd)(presumably) - 18
      • Hit - 16 damage
    • Melee Attack (Brass Knuckles) - 13
      • Miss

  • Kaijaludra vs Bat Mask
    • Bite! - 28
      • Hit - 39 piercing damage and he is grappled
    • Tail Whip! against Cat Mask, - 13
      • Miss, but knocks over some book cases, and Jerry and Jaela must make DEX saving throws
        • Jerry - 20 - Evades the book cases
        • Jaela - 10 - takes 9 bludgeoning damage

  • Jerry (delayed) vs Cat Mask
    • Bite - 17
      • Hit - 9 piercing damage, and must make a DC 12 CON saving throw
        • Fail - 14 acid damage

  • Jaela vs Cat Mask
    • Melee Attack (Halberd) x2 - 20
      • Hit - 40 damage total
        • Chops off an arm, but he goo slops it back onto his body.

  • Black Cat Mask vs Steve
    • Glare requiring a DC 16 WIS saving throw - 13
      • Steve is frightened
    • Melee Attack (Brass Knuckles) - 11
      • Miss

Round Two

  • Bat Mask vs Kaijaludra
    • DC 17 to escape grapple - Fail
    • Melee Attack (knife) - 19
      • Hit - 8 damage
    • Melee Attack (slam using a spiked helm) - 18
      • Hit - 7 piercing damage, 10 necrotic damage

  • Toby is paralyzed until the end of Cat Mask 1's turn
    • Can't do anything

  • Steve is still frightened of Black Cat Mask
    • Melee Attack (Spear) against Cat Mask - 29
      • Hit - 15 piercing damage
    • Chooses the Black Cat Mask, if it enters his range, he can attack.

  • Cat Mask vs Jaela
    • Melee Attack x2 - 11, 21
      • Miss, Hit - 14 bludgeoning damage, 10 necrotic damage

  • Kaijaludra vs Bat Mask
    • Chomping on the Bat Mask Man - 22
      • Hit - 31 piercing damage
    • Tail Whips Jaela's Cat Mask Man - 22
      • Hit - 13 blugeoning damage

She then rolls some d4 and says some numbers, inlcuding 17. Its unclear if this 17 is meant to replace the last 13, or if it's a differentnumber, or whatever.

  • Jerry rolls Dexterity to stop Toby from falling over
    • 17 - Success

Also, Bachmann notes that Jerry gives a wiry smile, implying he remembers the fact that Jerry couldn't possibly be biting anyone. Hmm...

  • Jaela vs Cat Mask
    • Melee Attack (Raven Queen Dagger) - 18
      • Hit - Instantly kills him.

  • Cat Mask 2 runs away

Round Three

  • Bat Mask
    • Escapes Kaijaludra's grasp

Combat Ends