Episode 20 - Gladiator Games

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Episode 20 - Gladiator Games

After being captured by Thumble soldiers the gang has to overcome a few obstacles to win their freedom. Tum’s father, Trant Thumble, has some sort of coleseum with scary creatures that host fights for the entertainment of the people. Tum was pitted against the brand new Tum – a horrific minotaur. Hopefully he will get through the help of his friends everything will work out A-OK.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The party wakes up in the dungeons of Castle Greyskull and finally meets Trant Thumble. Trant informs Tum that he has been gone for 6 months and that he had been replaced in the family. Tum is forced to fight and kill a Minotaur Tum Thumble in order to be accepted back into the family. Tum Sly Flourishes the guts right out of the minotaur and Trant frees the rest of the party. But then Trant decides that the crowd hasn't been satisfied and unleashes a giant crocodile for the party to fight. Aludra ends up in the crocodile's mouth a bunch and we find out that the party has a very loose grasp of anatomy. This fight continues in Episode 21 - Family Dinner.


  • First appearance of Trant Thumble
  • First appearance of Castle Greyskull

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Find out who the players are
  • [Active][Tum] - Become a Darkblade!
    • [Active] - Steal Blood Drinker from Trant Thumble in Caer
      • [Complete] - Find Trant
      • [NEW][Active] - Survive the fight, and be accepted back into House Thumble
      • [NEW][Active] - Find Blood Drinker
  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
  • [Optional] - Find a way to pay back Geodude