Episode 210 - The Quest to Save Tidtowne, Part 2

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Top, left to right: Kass and Tug. Bottom, left to right: Beetle and Baz


Episode 210 - The Quest To Save Tidtowne, Part 2

Our small band of monsters continue the side-quest this week. They delve deeper into this unusual crypt that you, the listener, has maybe encountered before? Let’s hope the team doesn’t get too distracted by all the beautiful bones because they still need to save the noble leader of Tidtowne.

Cast and Player Characters



The party resumes in the room filled with sarcophagi. Each of them is covered by a lid. Most of them have depictions of a robed man casting spells and vanquishing enemies, be they monster or army. Kass recognizes the man as Sinu the Red, the famous wizard who attempted to take over Drunkeros during the 3rd age of magic. Magic had to be broken to defeat him. The Orb of Endless Power was previously housed here, prior to its removal for Fennekin. Tug and Beetle open a sarcophagus looking for bones, and find a skeleton dressed in tattered red robes. It is wearing a medallion. The medallion has the fist symbol, and is studded with red garnets. They open 3 more sarcophagi with similar result, until the 5th is opened to reveal two giant centipedes. The group goes into battle with these creatures. Tug kills them both with one fire bolt, frying them up into a snack for the group. Tug shoots fires at both of the wooden doors (to the east and west). The western door creaks open, but the eastern door remains stuck. The party goes through the opened western door, with Kass leading the way.

The party finds yet another door to the north. Near the door are two heads on spikes. There is also a sign written in blood in Draconic stating “don’t go here”. Kass pushes open the door to reveal a hallway with a low wall at the far end. From behind the wall, two kobolds look up with surprise. The kobolds jump up and prepare to sling rocks at the adventurers. Beetle flies into a rage and runs down the hallway. A pit trap springs below her and she falls out of sight. After dispatching the kobolds, Beetle bashes through the next wooden door at the end of the hall. There are four kobolds in the newly opened room. Two are passed out, one is in midst of stabbing the fourth, and there are cards and drinks strewn about. After the knife wielding kobold is defeated, Baz and Tug dispatch the sleeping kobolds. Beetle, her hackles still up, bashes a chair in the corner. Baz skins one of the kobolds to create a shield with its hide and the bones she has gathered. Baz "bites open" the next door, still heading north. There are three kobolds in the next room, guarding a prison cell. In the cell is an undead creature.

As the kobolds die, the undead creature slams into the cage. It reaches for any of the adventurers. Baz believes the creature to be a ghoul. They push one of the kobolds toward the ghoul. He sweeps it up and seems to be content. As the party continues to move north, they discover another wooden door. Baz listens at the door; she can hear activity behind it. She cautions her friends to take a new path; however, Tug’s knowledge of kobold life informs him that this room is likely full of the women, children, and senior members of the tribe. The group is handcuffed and taken by Tug as pseudo prisoners. As they enter the living quarters, a nicely dressed kobold, flanked by the two largest kobolds the group have encountered approach them. The nicely dressed kobold, who is a woman, asks “Who are you?”.


  • Alternate names for this episode are:
    • The Lovely Bones
    • Dem Bones
    • Bone Fast Bone Furious
    • Bone Town
    • Bonin' Down
    • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 16
    • Carly - 5
    • Bachmann - 2
    • Nika - 11

  • Everyone rolls a History check to see if they know anything about the carvings on the lids of the sarcophogi.

Combat Begins against two giant centipedes

  • Initiative!
    • Tug - 21
    • Beetle - 17
    • Baz - 17
    • Kass - 5
    • Centipede 1
    • Centipede 2

Round one

  • Tug vs Centipedes
    • Burning Hands requiring a DC 12 DEX saving throw - ??, ??
      • Fail, Fail - 13 damage each - kills both of them

Combat Ends - This may be the shortest encounter ever on the show!

Combat Begins against 2 Kobolds

  • Initiative
    • Beetle
    • Baz - 19
    • Kobold 1
    • Kass - 13
    • Tug - 7
    • Kobold 2

  • Round One

  • Beetle
    • Enters Rage mode
    • Reckless Attack
    • DEX saving throw to avoid falling into a trap - 10
      • Fail, falls into the trap for 4 damage

  • Baz vs Kobold 1
    • Sacred Flame requiring a DEX saving throw - ??
      • Fail - 3 radiant damage

  • Kobold 1 vs Baz
    • Range Attack (Sling) -??
      • Miss

  • Kass vs Kobold
    • Range Attack (Shortbow) - 10
      • Miss

  • Tug vs Kobold 2
    • Fire Bolt - 18
      • Hit - 8 damage - kills it

Round Two

  • Beetle
    • Tries to crawl out of the pit - 18
      • Success - Crawls out of the pit
    • Melee Attack (Morningstar) - ??
      • Hit - ?? damage - kills it

Combat Ends

Combat Begins against fighting Kobolds

  • Beetle vs stabby Kobold
    • Sneak Attack - 16
      • Hit - 14 damage - kills it

Combat Ends

Combat Begins against 3 Kobolds and an undead monster

  • Baz vs Kobold
    • Range Attack (Crossbow) - 21
      • Hit - 5 damage - kills it

  • Initiative
    • Kobold 1
    • Baz - 17
    • Beetle - 13
    • Tug - 8
    • Kobold 2
    • Kass - 3

  • Kobold 1 vs Baz
    • Melee Attack (Dagger) - 20
      • Hit - 4 piercing damage

  • Baz vs Kobold 1
    • Bite - 7
      • Miss
    • Hungry Jaws bonus action - 5
      • Miss

  • Beetle vs Kobold 2
    • Melee Attack - ??
      • Miss

  • Tug vs Kobold 1
    • Fire Bolt - 15
      • Hit - 5 damage - kills it

  • Kobold 2 vs Beetle
    • Range Attack (Sling) - 20
      • Hit - 2 blugeoning damage

  • Kass vs Kobold
    • Tries to "Shoot it" - 7
      • Miss

  • Baz vs Kobold 2
    • Range Attack (Crossbow) - Nat20
      • Hit - 8 damage - kills him

Combat Ends

  • Baz rolls Religion to see what type of monster is in the cage
    • 10 - Success-ish
      • You think it is probably a ghoul

  • Tug rolls a 14 to see if he knows anything about ghouls
    • 14 - Can't poison or charm him.

  • Baz rolls Perception at a door to see what's on the other side
    • Baz - Nat20+5
      • Can hear a lot of people inside