Episode 211 - The Quest to Save Tidtowne, Part 3

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Top, left to right: Kass and Tug. Bottom, left to right: Beetle and Baz


Episode 211 - The Quest To Save Tidtowne, Part 3

We conclude our monstrous adventure as the small band of heroes finish up their side-quest, and mostly collect a lot of bones. Marvel as undead are turned for the first time in the history of our podcast, and many, many pits are fallen into. There may even be a bit of a surprise as the end.

Cast and Player Characters



"Who are you?"

The common folks freeze at the sound. They scatter and exit through the eastern door opposite of where the party had entered. There is a barricaded entryway to the north and a door to the south as well. Tug claims to be a new transfer, bringing the prisoners to the second floor. While Tug is being interrogated, Kass starts a tussle with Baz to defer attention from Tug. Beetle sneaks behind the three kobolds and smashes the larger two’s heads together. Tug intimidates the well-dressed kobold, and steals his bone clothes. Though Baz protests, Tug even steals the kobold’s bone-der-wear. As the kobold runs away, naked, Baz chases and tackles him to get information.

Baz requests that he take them to the Raven Queen’s totem, which he states is down the “scary stairs”. He says he’d rather die than go into the basement. Beetle begins to push him toward the barricaded area. She starts throwing things from the barricade to clear a path. She reveals a stone stairway leading down deeper into the crypt.

At the bottom of the stairs, there is a massive set of double doors with a large red fist upon them. To either side of the door, there are torches flaming green. Below each torch, there is a slumped skeleton. Beetle punches one of the skeletons. Upon contact, the skeleton’s eyes flare red and they both come to life. During battle, Baz does “turn undead” and the skeletons run away up the stairs. Beetle smashes through the large, wooden double doors.

Inside, they find a grand hall. There is a throne with a skeleton in red robes upon it. Next to that is a smaller seat with a secondary skeleton. Also in the hall is a living suit of armor sweeping the floors. Beetle cannot slow herself quickly enough, and falls into a second pit trap. The skeletons rise. The suit of armor breaks the broom in his hands over his knee, brandishing the broken pieces as a weapon. The party destroys all of the combatants.

Upon further inspection, the throne is built into the wall and there is a sideways fist insignia behind it. This is the first fist they’ve encountered that is not upright. Tug has the idea to correct the fist. Once the fist is righted, the throne slides away to reveal a bone door. Kass uses her thieves tools to unlock the door as the other party members heal up. The door swings open to reveal a natural tunnel leading downwards. At the end of the tunnel is a stone chamber with more green-flame torches. Additionally, there is an intricately carved stone slab with two people atop it. One has tightly stretched skin with exquisite red robes, and the other is slumped over the first. The latter is holding a talisman of a raven. It is draped in black scale armor and a black feather cloak. Baz recognizes this as a cleric of the Raven Queen. Being afraid to touch the item directly, Baz nudges the talisman with her javelin. The cleric falls away, but the talisman remains on Sinu's chest.

Beetle picks up the talisman.

A wave of dread washes over her. A long, low moan comes from the richly dressed body. Tug recognizes Sinu as a lich. Being uncomfortable with the situation, Beetle scoops up her friends in her arms and runs away with them. As they are leaving, they see puffs of dust raise from the lich as it begins to move. They return home with the talisman, ready to free The Leader – Cheryl Meloncamp!


  • This episode was not filmed at the same day as the others, thus, the players forgot the voices they were doing, and made them up again. This is where Tug gets his signature "1920's detective" style voice.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - Nat20 - re-roll - 13
    • Jennifer - Nat20 - re-roll - 11 - Bapped
    • Bachmann -
    • Carly -

  • Detective Tug rolls Deception to Chewbacca the rest of the group
    • 17 - Doesn't really work, but a success

  • Beetle rolls STR to bash together the heads of two of the kobolds
    • 15 - Success

  • Tug rolls Intimidate on a Kobold to take him prisoner
    • 19 - Success

Combat Begins vs 2 Skeletons

  • Initiative
    • Kass - 19
    • Baz - 18
    • Beetle - 15
    • Tug - 10
    • Skeleton 1
    • Skeleton 2

Surprise Round

  • Beetle vs Skeleton 1
    • Unarmed Strike (Punch) - 18
      • Hit - 4

Round One

  • Kass vs Skeleton 1
    • Melee Attack (Rapier) - 12
      • Miss

  • Baz vs Skeletons
    • Turn Undead, requiring a DC 13 WIS Saving Throw - 1, 12
      • Fail, Fail - They both turn and run away

Combat Ends

  • Beetle rolls Atheletics to avoid a trap
    • Nat1 - Beetle falls through a trap door - 3 falling damage
    • There are spikes on the bottom - 4 piercing damage

Combat Begins vs Suit of Armor and 2 skeletons

  • Initiative
    • Skelington 1
    • Tug - 20
    • Skeleton 2
    • Baz - 14
    • Kass - 13
    • Beetle - 8
    • Animated Armor

Round One

  • Skeleton 1 vs Baz
    • Range Attack (Bow and arrow) - 14
      • Miss -

  • Tug vs Skeleton 1
    • Witch Bolt - 18
      • Hit - 12
    • Wild Magic Surge - Nat1! - Wild Maggic Surge Table - 61
      • "For the next minute you must shout when you speak."

  • Skeleton 2
    • Range Attack - ?? probably Nat1
      • Miss, Bow Snaps
    • Falls into another trap - presumably kills it
      • This shames its entire skeleton family

  • Baz vs Animated Armor
    • Sacred Flame requiring a DEX saving throw - ??
      • Fail - 6 radiant damage
    • Acrobatics or Athletics to avoid the trap - 8
      • Falls into the trap - 3 falling damage

  • Beetle rolls Athletics to catch Baz on her way down
    • 10 - Almost catches her, stops her from hitting the spikes

  • Kass vs Animated Armor
    • Range Attack (Bow and arrow) - 16
      • Miss

  • Animated Armor vs Beetle
    • Melee Attack (Broom [Improvised Weapon, probably]) - 21
      • Hit - 5 blugeoning damage

  • Beetle vs Animated Armor
    • Goes into situation
    • Athletics to pull the Armor into the trap - 14
    • Armor rolls 7 to not be pulled in
      • Victory Beetle, he is pulled in

Round Two

  • Skeleton 1 vs Tug
    • Range Attack (Bow and arrow) - 18
      • Hit - 5 piercing damage

  • Tug vs Skeleton 1
    • Witch Bolt
      • Hit - 8 damage - kills it

  • Baz vs Animated Armor
    • Melee Spell Attack (Inflict Wounds) - (Advantage) 9, 24
      • Hit - 23 necrotic damage - kills it

Combat Ends

  • Baz rolls Perception to see what's up with the fist insignia (Should definitely be Investigation)
    • Nat20 - Notices that the insignia is sideways

  • Kass uses her Thieves' Tools to unlock the bone door
    • 7 - Fail
    • Tries again - 14 - Success

  • Baz rolls Religion to see what is up with the body lying on a slab
    • 4 - You know nothing, Baz

  • Tug rolls Arcana to see what is up with the body lying on a slab
    • 16 - This is definitely a lich