Episode 212 - Welcome to Tidtowne

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Aludra the Dwarf, ready for a Dungeoneering Check


Episode 212 - Welcome to Tidtowne

With things moving very rapidly both in and around Glaine, the Jewel of the East, the gang has some tough decisions to make. As always, I s’pose. Adventurers are used to tough decisions. It is their daily bread. After some initial set backs they learn that a mysterious town of…well, not sure how else to say this, but a town of Monsters may be willing to help. Says something about our times, I guess.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Glaine, the Jewel of the East has gone into full lock-down mode, or, "Siege Mode". Nareev seems to have taken control. The Dwarves have declared for the group, offering their assistance to get into Nareev. The cities of Galanthus and Paelor's Hope have been forming a plan to join forces, invade Glain and destroy The White Spire, thus letting Nareev fall into Glain. This will save Galanthus as the power to keep Nareev afloat is causing Galanthus to shrink, which the elves don't particulary care for.

The group deliberates over their options. Old Man Weck arrives, (or has he always been there?) to offer that they go to Tidtowne, to get the help of the monsters that live there. They agree, because a city of monsters sounds much more pleasant than spending any time around Ashayara Dayne. She, by the way, is soon going to be marching on Glaine, so the gang had better hurry. Queen Aludra commands some of her Dwarven generals to delay the armies of Galanthus and Paelor's Hope, to give them more time. Then, Old Man Weck tells them they can teleport to Tidtowne

Tim Lanning expresses concern over the fact that they are teleporting to a place that there is definitely not a White Spire in, but it turns out there is a goblin wizard who is from there, who teleports them. This is Chard, which is his name, not his condition. Toby, a Gnome, hates Goblins, but its fine, because he isn't coming with them, just making the circle. They step through and teleport...

Into Tidtowne! Standing before them is a lizardfolk woman wearing bone armor, who is suspicious of them, and decides to take them to their Great Leader. On the way through the city, Toby gifts the lizard woman, Baz, a small bird skull, and Steve gives her a gross bone from his arm he wasn't using. She leads them into a structure where they find a room with a table and a map. Gathered around it are various creatures, including a kobold, a bugbear, and a Yuan-Ti. And standing in the middle of them, is a female gnoll, who speaks with a deep Southern accent. This is the long lost Cheryl Meloncamp.

Steve begins hyperventilating. Cheryl introduces herself and asks about the group. Steve calls himself Tom, encouraging the group to do so as well. They all discuss the situation at hand. Aludra tells them they need help, and Cheryl believes her, saying that some more people just showed up today telling them the same story. She has a kobold named Tug go get the "guests". They are Luccan and Nyx! And Luccan in carrying the traitor Wiggins! They have been investigating the situation as well, and have come to Tidtowne for the same reason the group has, to recruit the monsters to help.


  • This and the next episode were recorded as a part of the annual Geekly Inc 24-hour charity live stream to benefit the ACLU. Go donate, everybody: https://action.aclu.org/secure/donate-to-aclu
  • Old Man Weck's first name is "Old"
  • Steve's home, the Meloncamp, was definitely destroyed during the Demon Apocalypse, but this is just an assumption
  • Steve's heart is that of a minotaur

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Nika - 13
    • Tim - 4
    • Bachmann - 14

  • Toby rolls Insight to pick up on Baz's Little Bone thing

  • Aludra rolls Diplomacy to get Cheryl Meloncamp to help them.