Episode 213 - Hey There, Cheryl

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Toby Treacletart riding on the disgusting visage of Jerry
"Steve, I'm gonna tell you this, and I want you to know that this comes from my heart. What you just said is horse shit. If you love-- hear me out. If you love Cheryl, go fucking tell her that you love her. Don't make the mistake of running away from it, and hiding for five years, and throwing that time away, whenever you could be there, by her side. Yes, things have changed, but she still loves you, and in her heart... her heartest heart of hearts... she wants to know that you are still alive, because it is tearing her up, every single night, to not know what happened to you. And if you don't tell her, you're just continuing that suffering and hurt that she is going through. So tell her. Tell her you love her. Tell her you want to come back, and just give her a big ol' smooch on the lips." ~ Jaela to Steve


Episode 213 - Hey There, Cheryl

Facing off against dragons, an army of of shapeshifting cross-planar aliens or an entire colony of Slaad’s pale in comparison to what Steve must face today. Let’s hope that he inherited more of Thom’s resolve than we previously thought, because he will surely need it. How do you prepare yourself for when your one true love sees your horrible collection of parts for the first time? Fighting off a flock of Vrocks is easy. This is hard.

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Steve is having a hard time pretending not to be Steve to fool Cheryl, so Aludra, Toby and Jaela all have a little pow-wow, where Jaela gives an encouraging speech to Steve, analagy-ing his situation to her's and Aludra's during the 5-Year Gap. Despite her beautiful speech, Steve doesn't think he'll be right for her. Jaela then goes to talk to Cheryl and learns that she is pregnant! It seems that, before she was frozen, she and Steve were together and happy, and she got pregnant, but Steve had to run off to save the world or whatever, and she didn't have the chance to tell him. Then she got unfrozen. She is able to convince her that Steve, who is pretending to be named Tom, is a great listener and that she should tell all of her problems and feelings to him. So she does, because she feels a strange connection with Steve/Tom.

Steve decides to tell her. She is reluctant to believe him, but he tells her about their last night together, when he tells her he would always return to her. She begins to tear up and asks where he has been all this time, and he tells her the whole story, including how long he was away after he came back to life.

She slaps him, and says "Don't you ever leave me again, Steve Meloncamp... Except when you go on your adventures, on account of this podcast."

After an emotional embrace, she announces that the group has the support of Tidtowne! Steve and Cheryl dissappear as the rest of the town celebrates both Steve and Cheryl's reunion, and the victory of gaining Tidtowne's support! Toby goes to the library, and then everyone drinks. Also, Wiggins the mouse approaches Aludra and asks for her forgiveness for abondoning them for Luccan, which she grants.

After the credits, Mike Bachmann sings a song called "Hey There, Cheryl", about Cheryl Meloncamp welcoming back Steve Meloncamp into her gnoll heart again.


  • This episode takes place a few weeks after the events of The Quest to Save Tidtowne, and Cheryl says she was frozen for years, so that means that either the Tidtowne Terrors were very late in getting back to Cheryl with the Talisman, or they were very late in going to get it.
  • This and the last episode were recorded as a part of the annual Geekly Inc 24-hour charity live stream to benefit the ACLU. Go donate, everybody: https://action.aclu.org/secure/donate-to-aclu
  • The various voices during the outro to Bachmann's song at the end are actually failed and rejected takes. They're all Bachmann.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 9
    • Jennifer - 16
    • Bachmann - 19
    • Nika - 17

  • Steve rolls Deception to not be Steve around his wife
    • 12 - She knows him from somewhere

  • Toby rolls a CON saving throw to not be drunk at the party
    • 17 - He doesn't get very drunk