Episode 214 - A Fighting Chance

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Paelor's Hope, with a golden statue of Thom the Dragonborn


Episode 214 - A Fighting Chance

The wonderful denizens of Tidtowne offered their aid to our desperate heroes who sorely needed a helping hand. Now victory over the forces of Nareev seems somewhat possible as opposed to a 100% suicide mission. The floating magical city is still a mystery, but one victory at a time. The fighting force of Tidtowne should be able to assist in getting that pesky floating city to move away from the peaceful and beautiful Glaine!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Toby is convinced that the only way to get into Nareev, where they will find the Temple of Soloni, where they will find the means to move Nareev, the city they will be in, is through the White Spire of Glaine. After much deliberation (which everyone of the listeners loves), they decide to take a small group of Tidtowneians to Glaine, to infiltrate the White Spire and get to Nareev that way. During this conversation, there is a simulacrum of Toby running around that he created fixing small things and generally being creepy and useful. This is Toby 2, everybody! Aludra finds him creepy and upsetting. He was made out of snow and has half the hit points of Toby, and seems to have been made out of dirty snow, and then Toby used his trick to make things real. He can't regain spell slots, so he has to use cantrips a lot.

Along the way to Glaine, Toby studies with the Tidtownian wizards. They are trying to get to Glaine before Ashayara Dayne gets there, because she wants to destroy the White Spire, to save her city of Galanthus which is shrinking. They agree, so they do that. They're outside Glaine. They watch the city. Caravans coming into the city by night seem to be stopped and held until morning, not allowing them to come in. They decide to come in on one of their wagons they got from Tidtowne, but Toby will magic it to make it look much nicer than it is. He also casts Seeming on Jaela, the most charismatic of the party, and they ride up to the city. The guards ask about what she's carrying in and she says it's just fabrics. It seems tense for a minute, but she is able to convince the guard, Wilfred, to let them in. Steve is taught to lie if it's to get what he wants.

They make it into the city! and the guard ushers them toward some place in town they DON'T want to go to, so they sneak away, leaving a silent magic Toby creation in driver Jaela's place on the wagon. BUT Steve makes some gross bodily sound as they are leaving, catching the attention of Wilfred the guard. Fortunatly, Wilfred is a commoner! so Steve is able to use his Haunted One ability to influence him to allow them to escape. This happens, and all in the week before he was gonna take his Level 1 Test to not be a commoner anymore. Toby gives him some money for his trouble.


  • First substantial appearance of Toby 2!

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 4
    • Nika - 5
    • Tim - 14
    • Bachmann - 15

  • Jaela rolls Deception to lie to the city guards
    • 9 - Fail

  • Jaela rolls Persuasion to convince the guards that she is being honest (This really probably shouldn't be a Persuasion roll. It should probably just be another deception, but whatever)
    • 25 - Success, she is let in.

  • They all roll Stealth to sneak away from the guard and the wagon, with advantage, because Toby distracts the guards.
    • Toby - 21
    • Jaela - 19
    • Aludra - 17
    • Steve - 7 - Steve is the only one who makes a sound as they escape