Episode 215 - In the Peaceful Land of the Enemy

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Jaela preparing for battle


Episode 215 - In the Peaceful Land of the Enemy

Glaine, the Jewel of the East, sure is nice for being a town taken over by goo-folks. While people seem to be generally bummed about the whole thing, the magical floating city almost makes the sky more beautiful. Street meat still tastes as good. The alleys still smelly. Sure is odd finding all this normal in a city about to be destroyed. Well, hopefully not.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Having just snuck into Glaine, the group quickly realizes that they are quite conspicuous, and they should probably do something, at least about their friends Steve, who is truly a terror to look upon. The decision is made to throw a tarp over Steve and have Aludra carry him in a wheelbarrow. But then they give that up so Steve can turn into his gaseous cloud form, Nimbus. As they approach the White Spire, they see their wagon from last episode that they abandoned fly up into the sky. Soon, 3 guards wearing animal masks approach and question them. Toby uses Mass Suggestion to order one of the guards the following: "You will aid us to the extreme extent of your ability to get as much information as possible in order to get to Nareev safely, and with as much material as possible, while not telling your superiors... and forgetting this ever happened. Period." Two of them are all, "Sure," but one attacks them. This isn't a problem, they take him out easily. The other two tell them that there is a transport inside the White Spire that will get them to Nareev, in addition to an elevator, because there are elevators in Drunkeros. The elevators take one hour. The group contemplates knocking out the guards to take their clothes but they say that they are still mass suggested and will just give them their clothes. In fact, they just came from the laundromat, so they have lots of clothes for them! Despite the fact that they will do basically anything for the group, it seems, they decide to cast Zone of Truth, to get the password for Nareev, which is Jellybeans.

It seems that there is a festival of Soloni coming up, hence all the supplies going up to Nareev. The group decides hang out for a while in the city, watching the elevator. It seems to be an almost transparent platform, with a faint gold outline that rises into the air. The White Spire has guards watching the perimeter. They ask a street meat vendor, named Sal, about his business, and how it will fare during the festival, eventually learning that the Nareevians are threatening his family, because, you know, it's a conquered city and all that. It also seems that the festival of Soloni has been going on for five years, coinciding with the events of the Demon Apocalypse and the change to the Fifth Edition of Magic. They learn that the leader of Glaine has been replaced by a Nareevian. They also learn that the Nareevians have a bounty out for a Nareevian named Eleanor Morningfall. The bounty says something about treason.


Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 10
    • Bachmann - 6
    • Jennifer - 17
    • Nika - Nat1 - Reverse Bapped

  • Toby rolls Deception to pretend to be a young human child to fool the guards.
    • 2 - probably was about to fail
    • Then he casts Mass Suggestion, requiring a DC 18 WIS saving throw.
      • One makes the saving throw, the other two don't

  • Initiative against a guard
    • Bachmann - 15
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Tim - 8
    • Nika - 3

  • Steve vs Guard

  • Aludra vs Guard
    • Turns into a tree, Melee Attack (x2) - 18, 23
      • Hit, Hit - 14 damage

  • Toby vs Guard
    • Readies a Fireball, but doesn't use it, waits to see if more guards show up

  • Guard vs Aludra
    • Stands up
    • Melee Attack (x2) - 12, 16
      • Miss, Miss

  • Jaela vs Guard
    • Melee Attack (x2) - 22, 14
      • Hit, Miss - 34 damage - kills him

  • They all roll Charisma checks against Jaela's Zone of Truth
    • Toby - Nat1+3
    • Aludra - Nat1+3
    • Steve - Nat1+3
    • Jaela - I don't know if she has to roll. I didn't hear her say any numbers so presumably not.

  • Bachmann retroactively rolls stealth for Jerry
    • 17 - works for me

  • Aludra and Toby roll Persuasion to try to get information from the Street Meat Vendor
    • Aludra - 19 - Success
    • Toby - 2