Episode 216 - We are Guards

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Aludra and Jaela


Episode 216 - We are Guards

With our perfect disguises on we are ready to head into The White Spire with an all expenses paid trip to Nareev. Things are certainly getting tense, what with out goal just a few short feet away. Danger is breathing down our necks. Trust comes slowly since anyone could be a Nareevian agent. But with the the might of the forces of Tidtowne as well as we brave adventurers I just know that everything is going to be all right!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The episode starts with a lot more deliberation on what the group's next move should be, now that they are in Glaine. Jaela suggests "mixing a Paelor's Hope with a Deephome" strategies, as in having a small group of Tidtownians attack the front gates of the White Spire, while the main group sneaks in. Toby decides to send Toby 2 with the Tidtownians, to the relief of Jennifer. There is a lot more planning, which is wonderful and good. The final decision is made to go to Toby's parents' house for the night, take a long rest, and then in the morning, sneak into the White Spire, dressed as guards. (At this point, it seems they forget about/abandon the idea of having Tidtowne attack, it doesn't really come up again, but it was a great idea.) During the night, Jaela has another dream about the Raven Queen. She is growing ever more impatient with her, as she still has not slain the evil that resides in The Crypt of Sinu the Red. Jaela promises it will be done soon.

The next morning, they make their way to the W.S., bringing along the Tidtowne Terrors minus Beetle. Since they are attempting to be guards, who are all human sized, they need to solve the problem that a lot of them are short. Since the simplest solution is often the easiest, they just stand on each other's shoulders: Tug standing on Baz, and Toby standing on Aludra. They see two guards standing outside the Outer Gates of the W.S. and Toby knows there are a few more weaker ones inside, led by a wizard. Old Man Weck is alos with them, also wearing guard's clothes. The guards ask thier business, Jaela says they are here to relieve them. The password, "Jellybeans" is spoken, and the guards leave. Toby casts Minor Illusion to make it look like a guard is standing by the Outer Gate, and the gang goes inside.

Inside the White Spire, Toby recognizes the wizard leading the other guards as Jimothy Jim Jonathan, who would also know him. Fortunately, they are wearing masks (Jaela's is an aye-aye), so they should be fine. Toby creates the image of a revolutionary attempting to climb up the outer walls, so the guards have to go deal with that, and while they are distracted, he creates a ladder, Aludra uses Stone Shape, and they are able to climb up the wall to the second floor. Because all lies have a bit of truth to them. The room with the teleportation circle in it is shut with a door, as most rooms are. Toby is able to discern that it is using a Glyph of Warding, meaning if they open it, it will explode. They could use Dispel Magic, but no one has that, BUT there is probably a scroll in the library one floor up that has it. They agree so they do that, and in the library they hear footsteps!

A guard there almost catches them, but he's a punk ass bitch, so they sneak past. Toby finds the Dispel Magic scroll, and another one for the Fire Ball cantrip, which he is excites about, having not had any good damage cantrips. Back down at the door, the scroll works as planned, the door is open and they step into the circle, being sent immediately to Nareev! Dungeons and Dragons is easy!

Up in Nareev, a Nareevian sees them and faints. What will happen next week, on Drunks and Dragons?!?!1?


  • Toby 2 can't learn, as he has no soul
  • Toby 1 now has the Fire Ball cantrip

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 16
    • Nika - 11
    • Bachmann - 16
    • Jennifer - 14

  • Steve (for some reason, it was Jaela talking to the guards) rolls Persuasion to get the guards to leave
    • 19 - Success

  • Toby uses Arcana to check to know about a lock in the White Spire.
    • 25 - he knows it is using a Glyph of Warding

  • Steve uses Investigation to see if there is another way through the door
    • 12 - no, it's just a door.

  • Steve uses Investigation to see if there is another way through the door
    • 12 - no, it's just a door. He does this twice

  • Steve rolls Stealth in the library to hide from a guard
    • 14 - Almost catches him, but doesn't