Episode 217 - The Secrets of the Captain's Quarters

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Lord/King Titus Harper for some reason


Episode 217 - The Secrets of the Captain's Quarters

All great plans must answer a single question that is often overlooked – how the hell are you going to extract yourself from your current pickle that you have created for yourself? And this is where we find our heroes in today’s adventure. Sure, you could be tempted to assume they only wanted this airship because it was cool. That even now they are not considering it a vital part of their plan. You could even dare to suggest that they just stumbled upon something cool and now they simply want to steal from Jett adding insult to injury. How dare you! Our heroes are professionals. They are wise and thorough. They just are. I think they are stealing the booze now, but that is a part of the plan too.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Reeve
  • Various Nareevians


  • Nareev
  • The Excited Wildebeest


The Nareevian is a gooey puddle on the floor, but he quickly reforms himself. Toby Minor Illusions bars on the door, to make it seems as if they are trapped there. The gang uses various methods to terrify the Nareevian, whose name is Reeve. Reeve tells them that the Temple of Soloni will be easy to find, as it is giant and in the middle of the city. As they leave, Toby says, "If you tell anyone we were here, I'll kill your family," to the surprise of the rest of the group, which, by the way, includes Jaela, Aludra, Steve, Toby, Baz, Kass, Tug, and Old Man Weck. Also, Jerry.

The city of Nareev is weird. The buildings seem to be made out of stained glass, and the ground is made out of what looks like marble and, in some areas, packed clouds. The people of Nareev dress in long lowing robes, brightly colored in pascal tones. When they speak, they occasionally reveal what seem to be gills. And in the center of town, they see a large statue of a man in a winged helm, made out of what looks like silver and gold. They also see several posters of Jett Razor, advertising that he is going to be playing at the Festival of Soloni. They ALSO see posters of a woman that says "Eleanor Morningfall. Wanted for Treason." They then speak with a street FRUIT vendor, who recommends that they go to a pub called "The Excited Wildebeest", which they then go to. On the way, they see airships, which Jaela suggests they steal one of later.

At The Excited Wildebeest, Jaela questions the barkeep about Eleanor Morningfall. He tells them that she is a member of the Birther Movement, a poorly named movement that aims to bring back Soloni. They get him to tell the whole story: Soloni, the minor god in charge of protecting Nareev, sacrificed himself to save the city after it was about to be destroyed during the change to the Fifth Edition of Magic. Now the Nareevians want to conquer and live in Drunkeros.

Just then they hear a roar somewhere underneath them, and the barkeep says that it is a dragon they are keeping to be killed by Jett Razor after his performance during the festival, then they will all eat it. A sleeping Nareevian wakes up and the group turns their attention to him. He is reluctant to believe that they are guards, but then he sees that the last episode was titled "We are Guards", so he buys it. They attempt to convince him to revolt, as he is also a member of the Birther Movement. He refuses to help them and then leaves, but he leaves a note that reads "Meet me after dark" and gives an address on Nimbus St. While they are waiting for nightfall, they decide to go check out the airships.

In the (I guess you would call it a dock?) docks, they find a ship that is currently being stocked with supplies. Jaela questions the captian, asking if they could possibly stowaway on the airship. The conversation is not going well, but during this, they happen to notice a sleeker, sexier ship next to this one, that says on it "Jett's Toi". Jaela slaps the guard and tells him never to speak of this, and they all go check out Jett's Toi. The Nareevians guarding it are weirded out by them, but they convince them that they know Jett, by telling them that he has a scar in the shape of a bird on his arm. This is enough for some reason, so the group gains access to Jett's ship, Jett's Toi!


Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 16
    • Jennifer - 18
    • Nika - 15
    • Bachmann - 17

  • Aludra rolls Insight to see if the Nareevian is lying.
    • 18 - Success

  • Steve rolls Intimidate to scare the guard
    • 19 - Success

  • Jaela rolls Persuasion to bribe bartender for information
    • 6+8=11? - Fail

  • Toby rolls Deception on the newly awakened Nareevian to tell him they are guards
    • 7 - Fail
  • Steve assists
    • 19 - Success

  • Toby tries to Intimidate the ship captain
    • 2 - Fail