Episode 218 - A Poorly Named Movement

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Old Man Weck?


Episode 218 - A Poorly Named Moevement

A mysterious stranger meets up with our daring adventurers as they are trying to figure out this strange airship. Will this be a friend? Will this be a foe? The suspense has rendered my body into a jello like paste. I would be at home at a Nareevian pool party, I am so nervous!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



On the ship, Jett's Toi, the as yet un-named group realizes they had no reason to go on this ship, thy just saw it and wanted to check it out. They try to come up with a reason for being here, and decide to try to booby trap it for when Jett returns. They look around and get to what is clearly Jett's room. It has various strange musical instruments around, a large aquarium full of water but no fish or anything, and two objects covered in sheets in the corner. One seems human shaped and the other is looks like a dome, and has chicken noises coming from it. Toby uses his Mage Hand to remove both sheets at once. There is a statue of a man that looks a bit like an older version of Jett Razor, and an ugly, featherless chicken-looking thing in a cage. It cannot speak, but Toby can communicate with animals, so he questions it. They don't learn much, only that Jett was just here yesterday.

Steve wants to take the bird with him, so he opens the cage to put it in his magical bird sanctuary, where it will require no food or sustinance. It attacks, revealing itself to be a cockatrise. Steve then finds a work in progress song Jett was working on, and reads it aloud:

"Somebody once told me

Drunkeros gonna roll me

I ain't the gooiest boy in the plane

They were looking kind of dumb

With my fingers and my thumb

And my arm also thrust through their forehead

Well, the deaths start coming and they don't stop coming

Kill all the birds and I light 'em on fire

I don't wanna live if I'm not having fun

Your goo gets wet

I wish my dad loved me

So much to rule, so much pain

So what's wrong with taking a few planes

You never know if you don't try

My dad hates me and I don't know why

Hey dad,

You're a cool guy

Got my baseball come play

Hey dad,

You're my idol

I wish you'd come to my birthday

Party that my mom threw

It was even pokemon themed, too"

Also, the page has tear stains on it. After finishing up the song, the water in the aquarium burst forth and attacks! They make short work of the Water Elemental, and after the fight, a guard bursts into the room. She seems surprised to see them, and has a bloody spear. They attempt to lie, to tell her that they are there to set up for the festival, but then Jaela correctly surmises that this is the traitor Eleanor Morningfall!


  • Jett's father doesn't love him. This is sad.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - Nat20
    • Bachmann - 8
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Nika - 7 - Bapped

  • Toby rolls Arcana on the aquarium to see if it is a gellatenous cube
    • 16 - It's not a gellatenous cube

  • Steve rolls a CON saving throw to avoid being petrified by a cockatrise
    • 24 - Success

Combat Begins vs Water Elemental

  • Initiative
    • Jaela - 14
    • Steve - 13
    • Toby - 7
    • Water Elemental
    • Aludra - 5

Round One

  • Jaela vs Water Elemental
    • Melee Attack (Halberd) (x3) - 15
      • Hit - 33 total damage

  • Steve vs W.E.
    • Thunderstone, to move it back 10 ft.
    • Drinks a Swift Step Draught to increase speed by 20 for 1 minute
      • Note: this goes unused

  • Toby vs W.E.C
    • Casts Flaming Sphere

  • W.E. vs Aludra and Jaela
    • Uses Whelm, requiring STR saving throws
      • Aludra - Nat20 - Success
      • Jaela - 18 - Success
    • Ends turn in Toby's Flaming Sphere, requiring a DEX saving throw
      • Fails - 12 damage

  • Aludra vs W.E.
    • Casts Frigid Gale, requiring a CON saving throw
      • 9 - fail - 11 cold damage, and speed is halved twice (It is partially frozen)

Round Two

  • Jaela vs W.E.
    • Melee Attack (Halberd) (x3) - 15, ??, Nat20
      • Hit - 38 total damage

  • Steve vs W.E.
    • Melee Attack - 14
      • Hit - 10 damage

  • Toby vs W.E.
    • (Bonus Action) Moves the Sphere to the W.E. requiring a DEX saving throw
    • Newly found Fire Bolt cantrip - 19
      • Hit - 15 damage - kills it

Combat Ends

  • Jaela rolls Deception on Eleanor Morningfall, to convince her they are just guards
    • 20 - She seems suspicious, but then:
  • Perception to notice clues that this is, in fact, Eleanor
    • 22 - The tip of her spear is bloody