Episode 219 - My Friend, the Dragon

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Jaela in all her glory
"You have to decide what you fight for and what you stand for, and what you kill for, and what you live for." ~ Jaela


Episode 219 - My Friend, the Dragon

When you meet a new friend you just have to establish a baseline level of trust. Trust is so important these days, what with the dreaded Nareevians taking the shape of potential new friends but they are actually trying to siphon off the magical energies from a nice Elven city and overthrow a city that is often times described as a “Jewel of the East.” And, yes, this baseline trust can be the wholesale murder of your enemies, but be sure to keep it within reason.

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Speaking with Eleanor Morningfall, the group finally comes up with a name for themselves, the Ätlän-tã Fælcons! They question Eleanor, learning that she is a member of the Birther Movement, here-by renamed to the Re-Birther Movement, somewhat less politically charged. She is hopefull that Soloni, whom she feels extreme reverence for, will soon return to save them, just as he did when their plane of existance was being destroyed. Jett Razor and the evil Syndicate running Nareev know how to bring Soloni back, but they don't want to, as they have grown accustomed to their power, so Eleanor is here to kill Jett. Her bag is full of alchemical fires.

They discuss the statue of Jett's father, and as they are discussing his name, the statue begins speaking. They begin speaking with the statue of Jett's father. He is dissapointed in his son, and is reluctant to say that he loves him. Eleanor explains that Nareevians, as they age, take on a more solid form, growing less gooey. The aging daggers they were encountering will turn a Nareevian into, essentially, a statue.

Eleanor's plan was to set fire to Jett's ship, causing a distraction so that they can go get the stuff they need to bring back Soloni. Toby deems Jett's father as "not important right now" and throws the sheet back over him, as Eleanor explains the rest of her plan: Jett kills the dragon, and takes a pleasure cruise in his airship, which explodes, killing him. In the ensuing chaos, Eleanor will sneak in to the Temple of Soloni, steal the artifacts they need, sever the connection to the terrestrial plane, the city begins to fall, and then Soloni will come back and take Nareev away to safety.

The Ätlän-tã Fælcons are understanably concerned about this plan, believing Soloni will not come back. They also don't want the dragon to die. They decide to go along with her crazy plan after all, until they need to stop her. She says that all of this has been foretold in the Tome of Knowlege, which Toby is interested in. It happens to be one of the artifacts they need to acquire, along with Soloni's helmet, which has the core of a star embedded in it. She claims to have been the topmost researcher at the Temple of Soloni, and theorizes the Jett and the Syndicate are keeping Soloni out, as well as keeping Nareev up. Jaela is able to convince her that they could try to move Nareev a few meters away, and then drop it, and this will somehow save Nareev? I'm not sure what this plan is supposed to be. But Eleanor believes in it, so I guess we're going! They also say that they can use the dragon as their distraction, instead of letting the bard kill it while they blow up the ship. She agrees to this as well. She lends them some Alchemist Fire.

The Ätlän-tã Fælcons go to see the dragon. There is a longish line to see it, but they get ushered to the front, since, remember: Episode 216 - We are Guards. The dragon is silver, and looks miserable. Jaela speaks Draconic (to talk to Thom the Dragonborn, back when he was still in the party), so she approaches the dragon. They quickly become best friends. The dragon, a female named Yazdir Dosh, has already heard of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons! She agrees to cause a distraction if she is freed.


  • Jett has brothers, Grett and Frett. Grett seems to be his father's name as well, but Michael may have been doing that ventriloquist thing, where you alternate consenants so your mouth doesn't move, so there's literally no way of knowing. Maybe it's Brett? Frett is also a musician, much more talented than Jett.
  • The Temple of Soloni has a globe of navigation inside it
  • Draconic affectations are just Valley Girl speak. This never came up despite having a Dragonborn in the party for 155 episodes

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  • Recap
    • Tim - 2
    • Bachmann - 9
    • Jennifer - 6
    • Nika - 17

  • Jaela rolls Persuasion to convince Eleanor that their plan is better
    • 23 - Success