Episode 21 - Destroyer

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 21

Title: Destroyer

Air Date: 11/14/2014

Length: 1:18

Swear Jar Count: 9, no penalty.

Next Episode: Episode 22 - The End of the Beginning

Previous Episode: Episode 20 - You Don't Have a Minute

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You know how they say that in Tabletop games that the last thing you ever wanna do is split the party? This is the one where we split the party.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Edward Mason and Deep Ones emerge from the water. Cam becomes controlled by Anita again, and charges at Lily. He tries to grab and pull her away. Eddie tries to connect to Mason 1. He manages to connect to the mainframe, and uploads his consciousness. 42 charges at Eddie, however the robot body becomes lifeless as 42 rips both his arms off.

Lily runs away from the advancing Deep Ones, but ends up at a sheer cliff wall. She climbs up the cliff.

Cameron surrenders to Edward Mason, and he is moved to the water near Edward. In a reflection Cam sees the man that has been pursuing him. Suddenly Cam is choking and unable to breathe. He connects to Edward psychically and asks for help. Edward waves a hand and dismisses the phantom. Edward then grips Cameron’s head and uses his psychic ability to send a message to everyone on Earth. This act kills Cameron.

From the top of the cliff Lily sees her friends are gone, opens the Necronomicon, and starts invoking the first thing she finds. Before passing out, Lily sees the Deep Ones being exterminated, and a surge of water washes Edward away.

Lily awakes and sees Clem. Clem and Lily head back to the bus. Lily begins the drive back to Tes’s house. However after several hours, it appears that she is not making progress. Lily abandons the bus and continues to Tes’s on foot.

Meanwhile on Mason 1, Eddie instructs the AI to begin construction of a laboratory so he can have a new body assembled. He then addresses the people on the space station.

Suddenly Mary Mason’s voice comes over the PA. Eddie runs a trace on the transmission and finds that Mary uplinked from Mason Dunwich. He taps into the Dunwich PA and requests that Mary contact him or the facility will be destroyed.

Eddie then contacts Officer 13, who is still on the station, and gets a report of the last week. 13 shows Eddie a picture of a large horrible creature that had appeared in deep space only a few hours ago. The creature seems to be headed towards Earth. Eddie recalls notes and pictures from researchers, and concludes the creature is Azithoth.

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