Episode 21 - Family Dinner

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Episode 21 - Family Dinner

Our stalwart companions continue their battle against the giant croco-monster fresh from the swamps of Ichtaka. If they can defeat their foe, they have a special treat awaiting them: dinner with Papa Trant and the rest of Tum’s siblings.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



In the intro Tim Lanning is surprised by being named first and vomits all over himself in panic. The rest of the characters are introed without incident, and briefly wonder if they will ever face a dragon and indeed if the dream sand dragon they faced counted.

Our heroes briefly and glibly talk about Pax East. Tim encourages every fan to take every opportunity to lick his neck.

The Mike Backman recounts the previous week and overarching story concisely. Jennifer Cheek reveals that her character is beginning to feel the tinglings of battle lust and has a greater understanding of Thom.


---Combat against Lizard Lion--- We resume mid combat with the lizard lion. Aludra uses rending fury. She rolls a 28 (17+9+2) which hits. With Rending Fury Aludra rolls again for a second attack. She rolls a 19 (8+9+2) which misses. Rending Fury does 1d8 + 4 of damage. Aludra rolls a 6 dealing 10 damage and marking the enemy.

Tim Lanning interjects being a little rules bitch. Thrifty Nerd calls him on his bitchery. Tim's wife also confirms that Tim is a rules bitch.

Aludra mentions that she is still in the form of Winters Herald.

Thom The Dragon Born observes that the crocodile looks like the crocodile from All Dogs Go To Heaven. Thom strikes with a guarding attack. He rolls a 24 (13+11) which hits. Thom does 17 damage. Thrifty tells Thom that he does a really good damage. Thom then does Dragon Breath he rolls a 26 (17+9) *damn girl!* for another 9 damage. He gives Aludra +1 to attack rolls.

Junpei Iori uses his fireball to do 1 d4 +4 damage at the begining of the crocodile turn. It does 7 damage. The crocodile does 26 v AC on Aludra. Dealing 13 points of damage and swallows her, masticating away. The crocodile shifts away. Tim calls the crocodile lady a nerd.

The adventures discover that the crocodile lady writes fanfic in her spare time. Thrifty draws thick nerd glasses on the crocodile nerd lady.

Junpei Iori moves his fireball closer to nerd croc, strengthens it, and attacks with it. The fireball now engorged with elemental power does 22 v REFLEX!. This does 2d6 +4. This turn doing 19 damage. Junpei sings to the crowd: "don't go chasing fireballs! Just stick with the arcane constructs you're used too".

Tum does Sly Flourish striking for 24 v AC which hits and deals 20 points of damage. Croc goes 'ain't no thing', and shrugs it off.

Aludra rolls a strength check to escape. Aludra rolls a 1 missing. She then uses a melee basic with her sword rolling a 27 (18+9) vAC hitting. There are no combat bonuses for being inside the nerd croc's mouth. She jams her sword into it's uvula, and it's eggs spill out much to Aludra's consternation. The party is perplexced by the crocs gender, egg storage, and sexuality. Junpei rolls a perception check to see where she keeps her eggs. Turns out its in her but.

Thom the dragon born self harms with his sword to make himself bloodied. He slices off both of his own nipples (just to feel), taking two damage and giving himself bloodied. Thom does a guarding attack for 16 damage.He slices his sword accross the crocodile's face killing her. Aludra tumbles out. The crowd goes wild.


Trant Thumble speaks with a magical construct that amplifies his voice throughout the arena.

Trant Thumble: "Welcome home Tum Thumble."

Tum "Darkblade" Thumble: "Thanksss dad."

Trant Thumble: "Truly you have showed to all of Caer and the gods themselves that you are one of meh children."

Thom (to party): "Meh children. haha"

Aludra (to party): "My babies. haha"

Trant: "and not only that but these friends of yours... they are very interesting to me."

Tum: "Indeed" (he nods to the party)

Junpei (to party): "we're baddass."

Trant: "at least... not the dwarf so much."

Aludra: "Whattt?" *she looks angry as she wipes saliva off of her.* "what's everyone got against dwarfs up in here!?"

Trant: "but I mean--a dragonborn and a Githyanki! *he hums audibly in delight*

Tum: "Those are indeed a unique race...es."

Some guards usher them out.

The Mike Bachmann remarks that it must be to make room for Usher who must be preforming the halftime show. Steven says REFLEX!

Thrifty lets them know they are no longer incarcerated in Caer. And have all their stuff back. Tim asks if they can talk to Trant. Thrifty explains they have been ushered into the belly of this giant arena and that he is nowhere to be seen. But that they can talk to a guard if they wish.

Thom asks if he has all his rotting severed heads. He does. Thrifty lets him know people have been complaining he hasn't taken Xantec's head. Our heroes wonder how many heads a bag of holding can hold.

Wiki entry to be continued latter tonight. 4/1. Edited by viewer Leumas (Samuel B.) :D!

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Find out who the players are
  • [Active][Tum] - Become a Darkblade!
    • [Active] - Steal Blood Drinker from Trant Thumble in Caer
      • [Complete] - Survive the fight, and be accepted back into House Thumble
      • [Active] - Find Blood Drinker
  • [On-hold] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
  • [Optional] - Find a way to pay back Geodude