Episode 21 - From Strange to Worse to Even Stranger

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 21


Title: From Strange to Worse to Even Stranger

Air Date: 02/13/2014

Length: 01:10

Swear Jar Count: Josh: 20, Staci: 3, Mike: 1, Veronica: 4. Mike gets a 20% penalty to his "Imma Die" die.

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Previous Episode: Episode 20 - Drunkisode 3

From the Website

There are really no words that will describe this episode accurately. This is the one where everything goes crazy. Prepare yourself. Music by Disparition

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

Xander finds Anya, but is incapable of making full sense of the situation in front of him. Anya, having lost her sanity, is incapable of speaking. Xander goes to her, but she turns away. Out a window she sees a light outside that reminds her of her vision from when she was suspended above the Earth. Xander follows her gaze and watches Jack fall from the light bridge, but he looks very changed from the last time they saw him. Xander tries to lift Anya to get her out of there, but in the process re-breaks his leg.

Erik is left on the ground with the bronze box after the Captain of the ship has retracted the bridge. He is there with Vaeda, Jack, and Clementine. Clementine and Erik flee from Vaeda.

Xander is trying to help Anya, but not successfully. Anya, in her grief and sanity loss, commits suicide in front of Xander. He's left looking around at the blood and gore from Anya's afterbirth. Not knowing what he's looking at, he puts his goggles back on. He can see nightgaunts and shoggoths walking around in the grey space, coming and going without paying him any attention. He removes the goggles and pushes them onto his forehead. He then tries to fashion a splint and make use of a cane he found in the room so he can leave.

Erik and Clementine are running while trying to fight off Vaeda as they search for help. A huge spotlight from the sky zeroes in on them.

Xander tries to leave the hospital room, but slips and falls on the half-eaten kittens.

A spaceship is hovering over Erik. A well-dressed older man comes down and approaches Erik to help. Vaeda makes a break for him, but she is gun down by a turret on the spaceship. The man introduces himself as Warren Mason and says he's hear to help and gives him the bronze box. A six year old, Eddie, come down from the spaceship and goes to explore with a large robot. Erik asks Mr. Mason to find Xander and Anya before being taken into the spaceship.

Xander seeks help from a ghoul, but it leaves promising to come back. Instead, Xander watches from the window and Erik and Clementine go into the spaceship. He becomes extremely paranoid and is frozen in place. He hears small footsteps coming towards him and he warns them away. Out of fear, he empties his gun into the doorway. The ghoul has returned with a wheelchair, but Xander yells at him to go away.

Xander, after inspecting the wheelchair, gets in and wheels himself into the hallway. As he is trying to navigate, a little boy (Eddie) comes around the corner and offers to help him. Eddie is able to pluck the goggles off of Xander's head and puts them on. He immediately starts asking Xander what is wrong with him - why is he ugly? Eddie takes him to the bathroom to show him how ugly Xander is.

On his way through the hospital, Xander sees an old Roger Martin in one of the hospital rooms. Xander wants to stop because he's afraid it is not safe, but Eddie says his invisible friend - 42 - will protect them.

Erik is on the spaceship. Warren Mason says he's going to take them into the future and Erik offers to help anyway he can.

Xander and Eddie are still going through the hospital. They pass another room with two small figures, but Xander doesn't have time to make them out. Eddie pushes Xander into the bathroom and gives Xander the goggles back. With the goggles, Xander looks at himself in the mirror and sees himself, but himself as a cat. He realizes that the kittens he had been slipping on where his own kittens. He goes insane and gives Eddie back the goggles. Eddie asks if Xander wants his pain taken away and he can only look at him with pleading eyes. The very tall, invisible figure, shoots Xander in the head and then leaves with Eddie.

Eddie stops to talk to the twins in the room just outside the bathrooms to say "I'm sorry" before returning to the spaceship. Jack, having made it back to the hospital, starts shooting out the glass doors of the hospital rooms.

Erik enters a machine on the spaceship where he undergoes a painful procedure. The spaceship leaves, barely missing Cathuga, as it hits the Earth and the world begins to burn.

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