Episode 221 - A Quest to Save the Great Leader Part 2

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Brip Brap in action
"Me... Me Love Bone!" ~ Shank, of ShankBone


Episode 221 - A Quest to Save the Great Leader Part 2

Y’all ever get that felling like you are in a cheesy action film? Maybe it is the man with the eye patch. Or maybe it is the blaring guitars in the distance but I will tell you what, this whole “Save Cheryl she has been kidnapped” thing sounds familiar. Luckily we have our new Ettin ally (…allies?) to help us with any potential hurdles. And since we are only about half way through our story their has to be some sort of conflict or rising action before we get to the sweet release which is the denouement we all crave.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



They question the Gecko, learning that someone named The Duchess (who has taken over Glaine) has taken Cheryl to sacrifice her before the Festival of Soloni, so that so she can go.. Something has gone wrong with the Nareevian magic that keeps the Glaineinas in line, and now everyone is going crazy. Shank convinces the Gecko to take them to her. They follow the Gecko (which is totally not a euphemism) and he explains that he was never under their control, which is why he isn't crazy. He leads them into a large building, into a room with a ton of rubble, and then says, "Shit, sorry guys. This is gonna be confusing." They fall down a hole, and BB tries to catch him with his tongue, but fails.

They all fall into a large arena, surrounded by Glaineians. The Duchess is there, leading them all, and she says the Tidtowne Terrors will be their entertainment for tonight. Then they will sacrifice Cheryl, and Jett Razor will bring her up to Nareev, so she can go to the festival. Her eyes glow red. Then she claps and a door opens, and a horrific beast walks out. It has the body of a lion, a long, deadly tail that ends in a cluster of spikes, and a weird human face, with big dragon wings. It is a Manticore! It attacks. They fight it. Shank and Bone have a moment together, and together destroy the Manticore!

After the fight, someone whispers into the Duchess' ear, and someone else yells "The leader is gone!" and everyone panics. The Duchess escapes out the back, and the Terrors give chase. They run out a door which leads to a tunnel, and inside they find the Gecko. He pulls out Cheryl! He says he knows a way out, and leads them out of the tunnel. The Duchess steps out! She wants to fight, and some Tidtownians lower a rope for Cheryl to escape. There is a brief tussle, then Cheryl reaches the top and commands the group there to send a hail of arrows down to them, killing the Duchess. They all escape, once again, saving Cheryl's life.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 5
    • Tim - 9
    • Holden - 19
    • Jake - 11
    • Nika - Nat1 - Reverse Bapped

  • Shank rolls (something? They just said Charisma) to get the Gecko to give them answers/take them to Cheryl
    • Nat20 - Success, he takes them to her

  • Brip Brap rolls Acrobatics to tongue catch the Gecko as they are falling w/ disadvantage
    • 19 - Just barely doesn't make it

  • They all roll Athletics or Acrobatics to avoid taking falling damage
    • Brip Brap - 6
    • Baz - 16
    • Etton - 7
    • Kass - 19
      • Shankbone and BB take 4 damage

Combat Begins against Manticore

  • Initiative
    • Manitcore
    • Baz - 12
    • Kass - 7
    • Brip Brap - 7
    • ShankBone - 5, 2

Round One

  • Manticore vs Tidtowne Terrors
    • Hail of Tail Spikes
      • To Baz - 16 - miss
      • To Brip Brap - 7 - miss
      • To ShankBone - 12 - hit - 7 piercing damge

  • Baz vs Manticore
    • Guiding Bolt - 24
      • Hit - 20 radiant damage

  • Kass vs Manticore
    • Commands the snakes to attack
    • Range Attack (bow) - Nat1
      • Miss

  • Brip Brap vs Manticore
    • Tounge Punch - Nat20
      • Hit - 7 damage
    • Flurry of Blows - 23, 13
      • Hit, Miss - 5 damage

  • Shank vs Duchess Manticore
    • Goes into Rage
    • Melee Attack (axe) - 13
      • Miss
    • Again, with inspiration - Nat20!
      • Hit - 27 damage

  • Bone vs Manticore
    • Melee Attack (maul) - 21
      • Hit - 10 bludgeoning damage - kills it

Combat Ends

  • Brip Brap rolls Acrobatics to pick up the Gecko
    • 9 - Fail

Combat Begins vs the Duchess

  • Initiative
    • Duchess - 20
    • Kass - 19
    • Brip Brap - 18
    • Bone - 9
    • Shank - 5
    • Baz - 4

Round One

  • Duchess vs Cheryl
    • Range Attack (crossbow) - ??
      • Miss

  • Kass vs Duchess
    • Range Attack (lonbow) - 19
      • Hit - 8

  • Brip Brap vs Duchess
    • Thrown by ShankBone, then kicks, then flurry of blows - 19, 14, 24
      • Hit, Miss - 13 total damage

  • Bone vs Duchess
    • Reckless Attack (Maul) - 25
      • Hit - 15 damage

  • Shank vs Dutchess
    • Reckless Attack - 15
      • Miss

  • Baz vs Duchess
    • Inflict Wounds - 18
      • Hit - 13

Cheryl returns with an army of crossbow bolts, killing the Duchess

Combat Ends