Episode 225 - Defenders of Nareev

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Jaela is such a badass!


Episode 225- Defenders of Nareev

The Temple of Soloni stands in front of our brave heroes. A thought scratches at the back of each of their minds – are we ready to face the defenders of this sacred place? What terrible defenders block our way? Luckily, past these doors the means to move Nareev will finally be in their hands. This whole goopy mess can put behind them and the traitor Jett Razor can be punished.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Toby searches the Trox for parts, and takes some quills from its back and the mask. They can hear Yazdir Dosh fucking shit up in the distance. Eleanor tells them to run, so they run toward the Temple of Soloni. As they run, they discuss gods, and Steve attempts to contact Uthgar. He is not very helpful. They pass by a group of Nareevians using a Game of Thrones scorpion, and Toby, enraged by the anticlimactic reveal, spooks them with a giant bat.

They finally reach the Temple of Soloni, and find it guarded by another Trox wearing a red mask. Then a green masked Trox arrives, and a blue masked one, and a yellow masked one. They all morph together to form a giant Voltrox! Toby changes Aludra into a T-Rex again, so it is a battle of the Kaiju, as they are now the same size. This doesn't last long, however, as it quickly reduces her back to Aludra form. Then, Jaela calls Yazdir, Steve enlarges her, and she slams into the Voltrox, crashing through the ground and sending them both falling to the ground below.


  • For those who didn't get it, the Voltrox is a reference to Voltron. It was very clever.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 14
    • Nika - 6
    • Tim - 9
    • Bachmann - 2

  • Toby rolls Investigate to find magical parts on the Trox
    • 19 - Takes the quills and the mask

  • Steve attempts to contact Uthgar using Religion
    • 12 - It's not very effective, Uthgar is too busy to help them

Combat Begins vs Voltrox

  • Initiative
    • Jerry - 17
    • Voltrox
    • Steve - 3
    • Toby - 5
    • Jaela - 2
    • Aludra - 1

Round One

  • Jerry vs Voltrox
    • Jumps and Sticky Legs to grapple Voltrox - 24
      • Hit - he is grappled

  • Voltrox vs Jerry
    • Tries to rip off Jerry - 15
      • Success - Jerry is ripped off
    • Punches Jerry - 29
      • Hit - 59 damage - knocks him out

  • Steve vs Voltrox
    • Delays

  • Toby
    • Polymorphs Aludra into Kaijaludra, a giant T-Rex

  • Jaela
    • Blows the whistle to call Yazdir
    • Uses boots to fly 30 ft into the air

  • Aludra
    • Bite - 25, Tail - Nat20
      • Hit, Hit - 33 piercing and 40 bludgeoning damage

Round Two

  • Voltrox vs Kaijaludra
    • Melee Attack (x2) - Nat20, 22
      • Hit, Hit - 85 and 60 damage - reduces her to 0, so she turns back into a Dwarf Aludra, or Dwaludrarf

  • Steve
    • Readies Enlarge for when Yazdir arrives

  • Toby vs Voltrox
    • Uses Prestidigitation on the Voltrox to make a large animated target on his head

  • Jaela vs Voltrox
    • Moves 30 ft forward, so she is directly above it, stabs it in the bullseye (x2) - 21, 23
      • Hit, Hit - 46 total damage

Combat Ends