Episode 229 - A Power Reborn

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Toby Treacletart casting Evard's Black Tentacles


Episode 229- A Power Reborn

Our heroes are well on their way to saving everyone in both a stylish and brave way. Their fame will surely be spread far and wide across the lands. Surely, that won’t have any downsides, right? Well at least they get some fun loot from the Armory in Nareev which will make any future complications less complicated.

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Toby wants to look at the scrolls, but there’s no time! Eleanor is ecstatic to pick up Soloni's helmet. She explains that the five pointed star on it represents the 5 different aspects of Soloni: The Hunter is the red one, The Bard is the yellow, The Wayfarer is the blue, The Headsman is the Black, and The Child is the white. And in the middle, the chunk of asteroid shaped like a crescent moon, that represents Soloni himself. The scrolls Toby picked up are for Charm Person, Animate Objects, and Geas. Aludra grabs a +2 luck hammer from the room, once per day she can re-roll on a melee attack roll. Toby gets 2 Immovable Rods. Jaela gets a +2 Halberd of aggression, bestows advantage on attack rolls, but disadvantage on her defenses (but she grants disadvantage for her cloak, so it evens out). Tug grabs a bone. Steve gets a ring with 10 (non regenerative) once per day. It is a ring of the smartest guy in the room, when he activated it, he gains 1 more intelligence point than anyone else in the room.

Eleanor, reading the book, says that, to bring Soloni back, they need a symbol of Soloni that they can stand around and be at the 5 points of the star. The map room in the temple can do this, as the city of Nareev is one giant symbol of Soloni. They also need a piece of Soloni. Eleanor has a lock of his hair around her neck. They also need to all “hit a certain resonance” while they stand there. They get to the map room, and they see the map of the city. It is indeed a large circle with a 5-pointed star in it. There’s a big temple in the middle, and along the edges, on the points of the star, there are these smaller temples. Each one has a little light coming from them, and they are all the colors that Eleanor mentioned.

They all decide to stand at the temples together. Toby wants to be the Hunter, not the Child. Jaela goes to the Headsman. Aludra goes to the Child. Steve wants to go to the Wayfarer. Tug goes to the center, because if Soloni is brought back in Tug’s body and has Tug’s voice, it would be very funny. Eleanor goes to the Bard. They all sing and hit a certain resonance. The lights start to flicker, and then get stronger and stronger. The light underneath Tug shoots up, and he slowly fades away and he is gone. There is a hole where he is standing. Toby sends Arlington to look down the hole and it seems to be another place down there, it’s large and kind of empty. They all hop down and it looks like a lot more of the Nareevian cloud like substance. They see a large figure striding toward them. Eleanor starts screaming in joy, like a Beetle's fan. The figure is 10 ft tall, has golden hair, skin is kind of gold, too, and he looks like a Greek statue. Loincloth, sandals, and ripped like you wouldn’t believe. He speaks with Tug’s voice. He is Soloni! He coughs really loudly and suddenly Tug comes flying out of his mouth, alive. Soloni begins speaking as a surfer bro.

He is surprised to see Eleanor, and tells them that he has been building this entire plane of existence to someday bring Nareev back. He says that he feels like he should have been able to bring Nareev back a while ago, but he hasn’t been feeling the power he usually does from his 5 aspects at the temples, and he thinks someone fucked up his temples. The Ätlän-tã Fælcons volunteer to unblock the temples. He also says that everyone in Nareev must be worshiping him and gather and believe and all that, luckily, today is the Festival of Soloni. He doesn’t know what to do at the temples, it will just be a troubleshooting thing. There also isn’t enough time to go to all the temples, so they will have to split up. He brings them back to the hole they came in from and gives them 5 horses, saying they could probably get them to the temples in 15 minutes. He also grants Toby one of each of his level spell slots backs. He also heals all of their HP. He says that he feels a lot of people coming to worship him so he has to go. Steve holds up Jerry, sheepishly, and Soloni brings him back to life.

They need to go to the different temples and they will need to split up, so they think about who is gonna go where. Eleanor tells them a little bit more about the aspects. The Hunter is there because Nareevians can't farm, so they hunt for food and people who hunt and provide food for the others prays to the Hunter. The Bard is for those who value entertainment, people like architects and artists and musicians would follow the Bard. The Wayfarer is for those who love to travel since they love airships, so adventurers and explorers worship him. The Headsman is about death, but is also about justice and fairness. The Child is short, and about life and innocence, playfulness, fun, stuff like that. After a little peer pressure, Toby decides to go to the Child Aspect(Probably a little racist/species-ist, but whatever). Aludra goes to the Wayfarer, since she ran away from home to adventure. Steve goes to the Hunter, as he is a gourmand. Tug likes bones, and Eleanor will go wherever so they both go together to the Bard. Jaela obviously goes to the Headsman. They all get on the horses which are magical and glowing, but Jaela summons Princess Ivy Bluemoon. And they away.

Quest Log Updates

  • [NEW][Active] - Unclog Soloni's Temples, so he can move Nareev
  • [Active] - Save Glaine, the Jewel of the East
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen
  • [Active] - Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 17
    • Tim - 18
    • Nika - 11
    • Bachmann - 3