Episode 22 - Bisected

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 22

Title: Bisected

Air Date: 10/5/16

Length: 01:09

Swear Jar Count: 18, Josh received the penalty.

Next Episode: Episode 23 - Fracture

Previous Episode: Episode 21 - The Destination

From the Website

After all the madness, the mystery, the anxiety, Leonard and Frank+Eliza have finally and inexplicably arrived at their New Orleans destination. Is Nigel who they think he is, or something completely different? Is Evie really there, or is his home more than just a house?

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Season 4 cover art by Kym Stonick.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Leonard, in a fit of rage, attacks Nigel and knocks him out. Frank tries to calm Leonard down unsuccessfully.

Suddenly the group hears a baby crying somewhere in the house and they head off looking for the source. While looking around, Leonard swings his pick axe and some lab equipment, but is shocked by some electricity and passes out. Frank hears a familiar thud and turns the corner and sees a woman. She lunges forward and pushes Frank into a nearby mirrored box. Frank's consciousness is somehow separated from Eliza's body and he fades from existence.

Later, Leonard wakes up to find that he's tied up next to Nigel. The unknown woman kills Nigel with his pick axe and then hands Leonard a knife. She throws herself onto the knife repeatedly. Leonard has some sort of mental break. Sometime afterwards, the police arrive, but he is unable to communicate with them. He eventually finds himself in a padded room.

Elsewhere, Evie wakes up in her son's school. She tries to talk to the staff, but they don't seem to see or hear her. unable to interact with anyone, Evie decides to follow a man named Jack Thompson. While she's watching Jack, Evie sees another woman. The woman recognizes Evie and tells her that they are both stuck in the mind of Cthulhu and need to escape.

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