Episode 231 - Jett Razor

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Jaela with her new favorite toy


231 - Jett Razor

The time has finally come to face the traitorous Jett Razor. I hate that guy so much. Luckily, we looked some pretty powerful items to assist us in this fight. Hopefully Jett doesn’t have similarly powerful items…wait…this is his city. Oh man he is totally going to have like a rocket launcher or something. Well, wish us luck!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



It has come to this. They have all met up at the Temple of Soloni, where all of Soloni's worshippers, the Nareevians, have gathered to worship him. Jett and Tug stand facing the Ätlän-tã Fælcons as the giant demigod Soloni stands behind, preparing to bring Nareev back to his newly created dimension. The still falling Nareev is probably around 5 minutes from crashing into the ground. It's all metal af.

A large crack forms in the ground. Toby hides behind a statue and casts Project Image of himself into Jett's airship, Jett's Toi, and infuses his clothes to make them real. Jett has a magical glowing lute, and its glow matches that of the other magical items from the temples. Toby (4?) is attempting to steal Jett's airship, which he does, and also throws some ropes overboard, so they're dangling. Meanwhile, Jett taunts the group, and offers to show them the power of his lute. The fight begins.

It is a long and intense fight. Jaela and Steve get taken over by Jett, and Aludra is once again turned into a large T-Rex by Toby, who also flies Jett's airship toward the Temple. Jaela finally snaps out of it, and with a cold, bridled rage, swings her axe at Jett Razor's head.

And kills him.

His soul escapes his body, as Steve takes all of the goo from Jett's body, except for some that Toby takes. Soloni, finally taking notice, sees that they have taken care of bidness, and peaces the fuck out of there, taking Nareev and everything on it to his new plane. Yay! They did it! But, not yay! The Ätlän-tã Fælcons haven’t moved, and they are now falling toward Glaine, with only minutes left.


  • Nika Howard had a really hard day today, okay?
  • This was supposed to be the start of Jett’s redemption arc.
  • Aludra is still a T-Rex by episode’s end. This is, to date, the final time she turns into a T-Rex.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Kill Jett Razor!
  • [Complete] - Save Glaine, the Jewel of the East
  • [Complete] - Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 4
    • Baachmann - Nat1 - Reverse Bapped
    • Tim - 19
    • Nika - 10

  • They all make DEX saving throws to avoid a giant crack forming in the ground
    • Toby - 11
    • Steve - 21
    • Aludra - Nat20
    • Jaela - 18
      • None of them fall

  • Toby (4?) makes an Intelligence check to see if he can figure out how to steal Jett's Toi
    • 23 - He manages to start flying the airship!

Combat Begins vs Jett Razor

  • Initiative
    • Jaela - 19
    • Jett
    • Toby - 14
    • Steve - 13
    • Aludra - 9
    • Jerry - 5

Round One

  • Jaela
    • Flies and moves 60 ft forward

  • Jett vs Jaela
    • Moves 30 forward, strums the lute, requiring a WIS savign throw - 29
      • Fail - She is taken over by Jett

  • Toby
    • Uses a Jump token to leap into the air, then uses Misty Step to leap onto the roof of a nearby building

  • Jett vs Aludra
    • Range Attack (Violin) - 17
      • Miss

  • Steve
    • Moves 60 ft forward

  • Aludra
    • Casts Jump on self and moves forward 60 ft

  • Jerry
    • Leaps 90 ft forward

Round Two

  • Jaela (controlled by Jett)
    • Threatens to kill Aludra, but, instead runs toward the temple, toward Soloni!
    • Jaela can make a saving throw - 22 - fail

  • Jett vs Jerry
    • Casts Otto's Irresistable Dance requiring a DC 17 WIS saving throw - 8
      • Fail - he is dancing horribly

  • Toby on Jaela
    • Casts Geas to command her to stop and drop the axe
    • Rolls Arcana to see what would happen if some is suggessted whilst being controlled - 23
    • Casts Mass Suggestion on Jaela and any Nareevians he can see to command them to run toward Jett, requiring a WIS saving throw
    • Jaela rolls 27, so she doesn't listen, and only three Nareevians run toward Jett.
    • Uses a bonus action to go back to Toby 4 and pilot the ship

  • Steve vs Jett
    • Throws Alchemical Fire requiring DEX saving throw - ??
      • Succeeds - 10 damage

  • Jaela makes another saving throw - Nat20
    • She is awakened!

  • Jett vs Aludra
    • Casts Heat Metal on her Hammer
      • She takes 7 fire damage, and she drops the hammer

  • Aludra
    • Dashes and throws a javelin - 20
    • Hit - 2 piercing damage

  • Jerry vs Jett
    • Uses Sticky Leg to grapple - 2
      • Fails

Round Three

  • Jaela vs Jett
    • Moves 60 ft

  • Jett vs Steve
    • Strums lute at Steve, requiring WIS saving throw - 3
      • Fail - He is controlled by Jett

  • Toby (4)
    • On the ship, Toby 4 finds a long rod and shoves it in the airship's steering wheel to keep it flying true
    • Then returns to his body
    • And casts Polymorph on Aludra, turning her once more into a T-Rex
      • Jett casts Dispell Magic to turn her back into a dwarf
        • So Toby casts Counter Spell as a reaction to keep her as a T-Rex

  • Steve (controlled by Jett)
    • Throws the Magical Net to KaijAludra
      • Traps her
    • Makes a WIS saving throw (w advantage) - 9
      • Fail - Still controlled

  • Aludra vs Net
    • Bites the Net - 17
      • Hit - 33 piercing damage - shreds the net

  • Jett vs Toby
    • Range Attack (Violin) - 29
      • Hit - 19 piercing damage, 7 fire damage, and he has to roll CON saving throw to keep concentration - 27
        • Keeps Concentration

  • Jerry vs Jett
    • Sticky Legs again - 21
      • Hit - He is grappled

Round Four

  • Jaela vs Jett
    • Melee Attack (Magical Axe) (With advantage) - 20
    • Hits - Instantly kills him

Combat Ends