Episode 232 - A Slight Gravitational Problem

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Brip Brap, probably
"What an adventuuuuuuure! We saved the daaaaaaaay! We're gonna be heroes! Oh, I'm gonna get an A in Adventuring!" ~ Toby Treacletart


Episode 232 - A Slight Gravitational Problem

Well, we did it. Sometimes success is the difference between you or your foe getting off their signature move. Some days you get the drop. Other days, heck, your enemies must have eaten their fiber bars because they move like a dancer on speed. Now that we got the drop on Jett we have to deal with a slight…gravitational problem.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The Ätlän-tã Fælcons are hurtling toward Glaine, the Jewel of the East at terminal velocity, and they only have mere minutes before they crash into the ground. Aludra is still a giant T-Rex, and for some reason, Jett Razor's airship, Jett's Toi, is still here, flying at them, but not directly toward them. They quickly go over how they can get out of this one. Aludra, if she takes enough damage, will not die, just revert to Aludra from, so if they all get on Kaijaludra's back, and jump when they hit the ground, they will be okay! This is Plan R, for Rex. Steve is curious about his commoner friends, including Wilfred the town guard, and Sal the street meat vendor. Sal is definitely down in Glaine, and Steve figures that if all else fails, Sal will see that he is facing an enemy (the ground), and will do his utmost to save him, by building a bed of street meat to cushion their fall. That is Plan M for Meat. Jaela has her boots that can fly, so she is good. Toby has levitate, and Steve has the Rope Trick spell, and Toby also has the two immovable bars so they have a lot of ways to be suspended in midair. They decide to do something to slow their fall, so Toby levitates, Jaela holds up Aludra and Steve uses rope trick, which pulls a few stitches as he is yanked, or tugged you might say. He tries to grab Jerry as he if falling, but is unsuccessful. Toby un-T-Rex-ifies Aludra, who grabs Tug and puts him in her Bag of Holding. Jaela grabs Aludra, and they all make their way onto Jett's Toi.

As they celebrate their victory and survival, Yazdir Dosh, the dragon zips by and drops off Jerry, having saved him! The ship is powered by an air elemental. Toby uses Prestidigitation to make their entrance even more exciting, with sparkles and shit coming out of the airship as they are flying. Down on Glaine, there are still some fires from the riots, but the fighting seems to be over. All of the Nareevians that had replaced people are gone. All of the people of Glaine are cheering as the airship lands in the harbor, and the Ätlän-tã Fælcons step down to meet them. Tug and Brip Brap have an emotional re-connection.

Watson Copperfield and the governor of Glaine, Bryce Hillis meet and thank them for saving the city. They say that the Tidtowne Terrors were instrumental in stopping the riots around the city, and also they spread the word about the Ätlän-tã Fælcons being the ones who have saved the city. Toby 2 is also there, creepy as ever. Watson and Bryce debrief them, and then ask them to go talk to "the scary elf woman" that is outside the gates. Toby takes Toby 2 and they all take the airship to go talk to Ashayara Dayne.

They meet out in an open field. The Ätlän-tã Fælcons meet up with Ashayara Dayne and a small contingency, and she is, as usual, displeased to see them, but she is grateful that they were able to save her city. She and Aludra are hopeful that they never have to see each other again (despite being rulers of kingdoms that could collaborate together), and Toby brings up Pyre. Ashayara Dayne promises that Old Man Weck will be by to discuss Mastwick with Aludra. They all agree to go their separate ways and gather back aboard the ship, which Toby decides to rename from Jett's Toi, to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

There is a large celebration feast, where medals are awarded! The "Bones and Tongues Crew" are brought out and given medals. "For heroic deeds when stopping the riots while the city of Nareev was plummeting toward Glaine, we award you all with these medals, and thank you for your... you'll always be welcome here, in Glaine, even though you're weird monsters." Baz bites her medal. Toby's parents, Arelton and Contezza Treacletart, are also awarded. "For bravery shown in helping evacuate the Gnomish Quarter, we present you with these trophies that look like tarts." They run over and hug Toby, thanking and praising him, which he loves. And they bring up the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, presenting them each with a jewel encrusted key to unlock every door in the city. "These keys represent our lasting friendship, and you will always be welcome here in Glaine, Jewel of the East. They open every door in the town, so just go nuts!"

Random people come up and are making conversation with the heroes. Someone asks what they plan on doing next, to which Aludra responds that she is finally ready to go home and rule her kingdom. She feel optimistic that she can be a proper queen, with Jaela by her side. Upon hearing this, Jaela points out that she can't go with Aludra. She says that she has to go fight the lich, so she can't go. Likewise, Aludra can't go with Jaela, as she has been shirking her responsibilities as queen for far too long. Steve has to go back to Cheryl, but Toby is free to help her. Jaela and Aludra fight, and the audience is sad.

Aludra says goodbye to the rest of the party, as does Steve, but not before Steve asks Aludra for a lot of money to build a castle, and also to be the child's godmother. She promises to "talk to her financial advisers" and they will "talk."

And thus, the arc ends.


  • The Tidtowne Terrors are in this episode!
  • In Episode 215 - In the Peaceful Land of the Enemy, Sal the street meat vendor tells them that the leader of Glaine has been replaced by a Nareevian, but in this episode, the leader seems to be the Governor Bryce Hillis. He isn't a Nareevian, since Soloni took all of the Nareevians with him, so probably he is not the leader, just in high authority.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 5
    • Jennifer - 2
    • Bachmann - 19
    • Nika - 12

  • Toby rolls concentration to keep Aludra as a T-Rex
    • 22 - Success, she is still a T-Rex

  • Steve rolls Athletics on grab onto a rope whilst falling at Terminal Velocity - 23
    • He doesn't even feel it

  • Jerry tries to Sticky Leg grapple onto Steve - 7
    • He goes whipping by Steve

  • Steve rolls Athletics to grab Jerry as he is falling by - 7
    • He goes whipping by again/still

  • Aludra rolls Athletics to grab Tug - 14
    • Success - He is caught and then put into the bag of holding

  • Jalea rolls to catch Aludra with advantage - 17
    • Success - She is grabbed