Episode 234 - A Vampire Friend

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Episode 234 - A Vampire Friend

We find ourselves in a reconstructed Pelor’s Hope. About four years ago or so. More of our friends were still alive but the wounds from the deaths of others were much fresher. Who do we turn to when it appears like we have no allies that we can trust? Would you make a deal with a monster to protect your people? Lord Titus Harper wants to find out.

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1.5 years after the Demon Apocalypse, sometime in the year 1703, Lord (not King) Titus Harper has been uniting clans, and gathering up power, basically helping people out, gaining alliances, that sort of thing. He is gaining respect and power. He has even met with the King of the Elves, Theonjon Dayne, father of future Queen Ashayara Dayne, to discuss the issue of a vampire that is currently hiding out in Pelor's Hope. This vampire, Duke Byron Thorne, has agreed to meet with Harper to discuss a peace, maybe even to leave, but Herper is hesitant, and wants backup. Old Man Weck suggests the Night Cloaks, priests who worship the Raven Queen. They would probably be willing to help, since the RQ, a god of death, hates the undead. Harper is hesitant, but Weck is persistant.

Ashayara Dayne meets with her half-elf bastard sister, Rowan Grey, who is tall, dark, and freckly, and asks her to judge Harper for herself, as Theojon has decreed that they are to be wed, and Ashyara is nervous about marrying a human. Rowan agrees and Ashayara suggests she go along with Harper on his meeting with Byron Thorne.

Back in PH, Jaela arrives and meets with Haper. They are very happy to see each other, but Jaela realizes she can't do magic, not even a simple Lay on Hands. Harper, it turns out, got a seat back on his council just as the council was destroyed. What are you gonna do? He also asks for her help with the vampire situation, which she is more than happy to accept. Old Man Weck comes in, makes things awkward, and announces that the Night Cloaks have arrived. In walks Rowan, and an ugly man with stringy black hair named Denton Glenchester. Upon seeing Rowan, Jaela is smitten, finding her stunningly beautiful. Denton is muttering strange and rude things under his breath, to the frustration of everyone else.

They are here to help with Duke Byron Thorne, whom the Night Cloaks have been keeping an eye on for a while. Rowan and Jaela flirt, and they all discuss the possiblitiy that they are walking into a trap, and that Byron Thorne maybe attempting to Red Wedding them, but they're pretty sure that's not what's happening. Jaela and Harper TOTALLY DO THEIR SECRET HANDSHAKE THAT THEY TOTALLY HAVEN'T INVENTED YET! Harper leads them to the manor that Byron Thorne has been holing up in, Buttswell Manor. Understandably, it stinks there. They talk to Denton about why he is so weird, but don't really get anywhere. At the door to the manor, Harper knocks once, and as he goes to knock a second time, the door swings open. It's about an hour before sundown. They make their way inside and meet Duke Byron Thorne.

He also has several other men in the room with him. Byron Thorne seems nice, though while the introductions are being made, Denton mumbles how he could put a stake right through the vampire's heart. The food is borught out, and Thorne makes jokes about the food not being made of humans, or anything like that. He does give them blood instead of wine, as a goof, but quickly gives them real wine. Upon learning that his cloak is made of human skin, Rowan gets up and goes to the back of the room, claiming to "need a second". She actually just hides behind some curtains and readies the spell Lightning Arrow. Harper offers Thorne the Chadbarts summer home, which is currenly full of evil bandits that he and his men can eat to their undead hearts' content. He also offers 3000 gold, which multiple kingdoms could be founded on, and a monthly payment of 100 gold. Thorne rejects this offer, and instead wonders if Paelor's Hope has any prisoners they wouldn't mind sparing, which Harper is uncomfortable with, but as long as he won't have to "raid the poorhouses" or anything like that, it should be okay.

Rowan grows frustrated then, and exclaims that this guy fucking sucks, and Denton attacks with a stake as she shoots her lightning arrow. The fight begins. Thorne punches Denton with inhuman strength, sending him flying into a window. This causes light to shine into the room, and the fight is less a fight, and more a light skirmish, and our heroes easily take care of the vampire threat.


  • Cheryl Meloncamp is currently frozen in a block of ice
  • Despite not yet being King, Harper still has Old Man Weck as his right hand man, Ros as his Master of Coin/Whispers, and Bearcharger as his personal bodyguard
  • Tieflings are just now starting to emerge in the world, after being hunted out of society
  • Harper can play the guitar, but isn't very good at it

Quest Log Updates

  • [New][Active][Complete] - Stop the vampire killings in Paelor's hope
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen - earliest in-story mention


  • Recap
    • None

  • Old Man Weck rolls Persuasion to get Harper to get the help of the Night Cloaks - Nat20 - (He later claimed he was lying)
    • Harper makes a WIS saving throw against it - Nat20-1
  • Victory Old Man Weck - Harper is Persuaded

  • Jaela rolls to do magic
    • 2 - No dice

  • Rowan shoots a lightning arrow at Duke Byron Thorne - no attack roll
    • Hit - 26 lightning damage to our friend the vampire requiring Harper to make a DEX saving throw - 17
      • Suceed, but the rest of the undead take 11 lightning damage