Episode 235 - Queendom Come

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

"I'm so proud of you. Like, seriously, getting to know you has been, like, such a privilege for me. It's been so... incredible. This whole, crazy time that we've been together, like... How did this even happen? I never in a million years imagined that my life would be like this, and... I'm really sad that I can't go with you, on this journey, but I think that I'm finally ready now because of all the help that you've given me, and all of you, that... I can now actually be a responsible person, and I think that I can do this. I think that I can be a good leader. And I completely understand that you need to do this, and I have full faith in you. I'm gonna miss you a lot, but... (fades into blubbers)" ~ Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane, saying farewell

"In my head, this was gonna be a lot easier to say. But, I I came here with one person, and whenever it didn't happen... I know things were rough, and I... I felt kind of lost, but I should have just realized that you were, you were my home, you were my heart. You grounded me for all these years. And, I could never have aspired to meet the people, or do the things that I did without you. And, I know that we're gonna be apart for a little bit, but we'll be together soon. And, I know that you will be the most wonderful queen that Deephome has ever had, and will ever have, and if I have any say in it, you will never die, and you will be here forever. And, I... I cherish you, and I love you." ~ Jaela, saying farewell


Episode 235 - Queendom Come

I hate goodbyes but I love tricking out airships so this very special episode causes me a lot of emotions. It is finally time for Aludra to hang that warhammer up and focus on ruling her people. With her semi-retirement (no one believes she will be gone forever) the last of the five sordid adventurers who stumbled their way out of Shadowspar Keep has given up on the adventuring life. Aludra was the lucky one to be still alive, that is for sure, but ruling a divided Dwarven people will not be heavenly bliss. She will be missed but definitely not forgotten.

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We're back with our friends, the Ätlän-tã Fælcons. We learn that they have taken their airship, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, which may or may not still have Jett's Toi written on the side of it, and gone to Tidtowne, arriving just as Cheryl Meloncamp goes into labor. Bachmann had not yet decided on the gender or name of the child, but he does know that the whole of Tidtowne joins in in licking the baby clean, including the Tidtowne Terrors. This is actually a trick by Steve, not actually their custom. Steve doesn't want to leave Cheryl again, but also doesn't want to abandon his friends, so Cheryl and the babe come along with them.

The airship, often-times referred to as the "D4C", has undergone several modifications. Jaela has built a training room with a lot of practice dummies, and a dark room for dark, goth activities, and prayers to the Raven Queen and whatnot. Toby, thinking himself the captain, has tricked out the captain's quarters with a small library all his own, and has brought along his old roommate, Borris, to serve as first mate, and he also has a laboratory with Steve. Steve, by the way, has made a nursery and quarters for Cheryl, and his own meat locker for storing body parts (particularly those that rained down from Nareev after it vanished). Aludra has brought in a kind of a gym in Jaela's training room including a rock-climbing wall. There is now a canteen area with a burrito making station. There are still no canons. At the front of the boat it a bare-chested bust of Aludra, with a hammer on one hand, and a burrito in the other.

At Deephome, they meet up with Bucky and Daisy, and find the Chum Guzzler. Toby is excited to meet Winston, so much so that he passes out. Aludra convinces Winston to come along on the D4C, so that he will become a "simple flying boat man." Bucky and Toby meet, and its awesome. We learn that Toby 2 is also on the D4C, part of Toby's room is his room, but he only hangs out in the crow's nest. At the celebration feast (there have been an awful lot of those lately), Toby flirts with a sexy Dwarf lady, Baldur's niece. And then, comes the final goodbye, and Aludra and Jaela say farewell. They talk in a large cavern, with glowing mushrooms that look like stars. It's incredibly emotional. They give their speeches and then hug. Nika Howard is actually crying in real life, as are we all.

The boat takes off, and the silhouette of Aludra slowly fading off in the sunset.


  • Toby is 40, he is now a man grown
  • This entire episode has tear stains all over it. You can see them on this very page.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 3
    • Jennifer - 14
    • Nika - 5

  • Aludra rolls a CON saving throw to lick Steve's baby without giving away that she hates it
    • 23 - No one can tell that she hates it