Episode 236 - Journey to the Land of the Undead

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"I told you I was hungover! God! This fucking guy..." ~ Rowan, to and about Denton


Episode 236 - Journey to the Land of the Undead

After leaving Aludra, the gang prepares for their journey to face this nasty Lich. Traveling means one thing for our stalwart adventurers – Downtime Activities! Listen as we have one training montage after another of getting pumped and ready to fight some skeletons. Sidebar – undead are the coolest creatures to fight in D&D right?

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The crew, the Ätlän-tã Fælcons are nervous about their impending trip to the Crypt of Sinu the Red. There is a montage of Jaela training Toby in the Martial Arts, and Steve teaching Toby to cast Haste, and Enlarge. They finally reach the graveyard.

Toby then does something very sneaky. He takes Boris and Toby 2 to his room, the captain's quarters. He goes to a bust of Jett Razor's father, which is a fake, moves it aside, and types in some complicated bullshit. Apparently, sometime before, he hired a cleric to sneak up behind them and sneakily cut off one of Toby's fingers. He then used the finger to begin the process of cloning himself. He communes with Boris and Toby 2 about the process of how this works. Toby is afraid of dying, so he wants to move his soul into this clone and continue to do so forever. There is no way this could possibly go wrong. It takes 120 days to grow a clone.

The group then all meet up to discuss liches and how they work. A powerful wizard can become a lich by storing its soul inside a phylactery. If the lich is destroyed, the lich will remain in the material plane, instead of crossing into the Outer Plane. Also, the lich must make sacrifices every once and a while to keep the magic going. They know that they need to find and destroy the phylactery before they can kill Sinu the Red. Toby speculates that the lich might be a dwarf, due to a tome he found in Deephome that talked about how connected dwarves are to magic.

As they all go off to bed, Jaela has a strange vision, in which she hears a child crying. She follows it and sees a small figure crouched in the corner, crying. She stays back and asks if it's okay. It turns around, revealing itself to be a young boy, wearing long robes. He says "Can you help me? I'm lost..." Jaela asks where he is from, but the boy vanishes before giving an answer.

The next morning, they have breakfast together. Winston tells them they should be at the crypt by nightfall. Jaela requests a list of everyone who is on the ship, to which Winston replies that it is everyone standing here right now, along with Toby 2 and Boris. Also, Cheryl and the child are there, which Winston seemed to have forgotten about, to the frustration of Jaela. Steve is grotesquley carrying around his child, whom he has named Xena, in a sort of kangaroo pouch. Toby trains some more with Jaela, who asks him to keep an eye out for anyone on the ship that he hasn't yet seen on it. Toby becomes frustrated and demands Jaela explain herself, which she does, revealing that she saw something she thinks may have been a ghost.

Later, as they approach the graveyard, they notice a settelment with many torches, the citizens of which seem to be running around in a panic. Toby decides the make Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap famous. The rest agree. They mount their griffons: Toby gets on Sparkles, as it is the least scary one, being Aludra's. Jaela uses Princess Ivy Bluemoon, and Steve hops on Bruno Mars, mostly out of obligation. As they descend, they see a kind of makeshift wall around the settlement with a man marching on top of it, shouting orders for reenforcements. Jaela recognizes this as Denton Glenchester! And with him... Is Rowan Grey!

They all meet and introduce themselves, before Denton screams for them to help, saying "There's gonna be a thousand zombies here in mere minutes!" The swarm of zombies slams into the outer walls.


  • In addition to being one year older, Toby is now 39 pounds, and he is 3 feet, two inches
  • Winston and Boris are OTP
  • Steve's daughter finally gets a name: Xena Meloncamp
  • Princess Ivy Bluemoon is also there

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 11
    • Tim - 14
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Bachmann - 12

  • Toby rolls Investigate to look through books about liches
    • 15 - Knows that a lich was once a powerful wizard, but gave up their life to be undead

  • Jaela rolls Perception to hear a child crying (Despite the fact that she wasn't looking out for it, and thus, should have used her Passive Perception, Michael)
    • 20 - Hears a child crying