Episode 237 - Defend These Walls, Ye Living Basterds

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Toby 2!
"Thanks for saving me!i can't believe i was saved by a child... ~ Denton Glenchester


Episode 236 - Defend These Walls, Ye Living Basterds

The horizon quakes with the sound of buzzing flies and the ground hums with impending doom. The Lich must know we are coming for the undead army sent to stop us is as fearsome as it is massive. Fear not! Your adventurers are hearty. They are swarthy. They are…good at magic and shooting arrows!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The battle begins as the group stands inside the walls of a garrisoned city small village, and a horde of undead are tearing at the gates. One of the city folk is freaking out atop the walls, wreaking havoc and causing people to waver and nearly fall. Jaela goes to face the big guy head on, while Toby stymies the horde at the gates. A breach begins to form at the walls, but it is slowed by Denton. The wall catches fire, which Rowan puts out, and Jerry grapples the Giant Skeleton. Steve stops the commoner from causing any more damage by pretending to be in danger, so he is forced to help. Some Zomboes begin climbing under the walls. Toby saves Denton from being attacked by a zombie. Rowan deals the killing blow to the Giant Skeleton, which eventually causes all the zombies to run away.


  • As this is a Halloween episode, the cast is all dressed up in costumes, as lsited:
    • Tim Lanning is a tiger
    • Jennifer Cheek is Princess Caroline from Bojack Horseman
    • Nika Howard is Punk Eleven from Stranger Things
    • Michael DiMaurio is Eraserhead from My Hero Academia
    • Mike Bachmann is your dad, and he has something to tell you

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 10
    • Nika - 12
    • Bachmann - 7
    • Jennifer was exempt, since she did the last two

Combat/Skill Challenge Begins

  • Initiative
    • Toby - 18
    • Rowan - 12 (DEX mod 4)
    • Jaela - 12 (DEX mod 1)
    • Giant Skelington
    • Jerry - 8
    • Steve - 5 (DEX mod 2)
    • Denton - 5

Round One

  • Toby
    • Attempts to know stuff about Zombies and the undead, rolls either Religion or Intelligence
      • 10, knows that they probably don't like fire, but maybe not
    • Rolls Arcana to throw a Flaming Sphere 10 ft away from the gate
      • 17 - Success, stymies the horde coming up on it

  • Rowan vs Giant Skeleton
    • Range Attack (Magic Bow) supplemented with Lightning Arrow - 25 (+4 because undead are her "favored enemies")
      • Hit - 10 lightning damage, and each creature within 10 ft must make a DEX saving throw

  • Jaela
    • Activates boots, then Dimension Doors right next to the skeleton, near his head

  • Giant Skeleton
    • Just walks toward the gate, doesn't notice Jaela

  • Jerry
    • Leaps 90 ft toward the giant skeleton, sticky leg grapples him - 14
      • Slows him down, but does not stop him

  • Steve still has the baby Xena with him
    • Throws Alchemical Fire
    • Pretends to struggle with a log so that the villager causing havoc on the wall will be forced to come and help him, using Persuasion
      • 17 - Success, the villager, about to crash into Denton, climbs down to help Steve.

  • Denton
    • Casts Turn Undead on Zombies
      • Some of them turn to run, the breach is slightly lesser

Round Two

  • Toby
    • Moves the flaming sphere, casts Pyrotechnics to make it explode out 10 ft, requiring anything inside to make a DEX saving throw, another Arcana roll - 16
      • Success - blows a shit-load of them apart, but sets a part of the wall on fire

  • Rowan
    • Moves a Wind Wall, rolling a WIS check - Nat20
      • Of course, success - The wall is no longer on fire, and incinerate some of the front line of zombies.

  • Jaela
    • Casts a spell, making 3 melee attacks - 21, ??, 20
      • Hit, Miss, Hit - 19 damage, 33 radiant damage

  • 'Giant Skeleton vs Jaela
    • Punches her (x2) one with disadvantage, one without - 19, Nat20
      • Hit, Hit - 18+28 bludgeoning damage

  • Jerry vs Giant Skeleton
    • Bites the skelington - Nat20
      • Hit - 13 damage

  • Steve
    • Uses a Nature check to shovel manure into the ground, to stop a group of zormbies from getting through - 17
      • Success - They scream "Shit!" like Biff from Back to the Future.

  • Denton
    • Gets grabbed by a zombie and dragged off the wall

Round Three

  • Toby
    • Casts Levitate to pull Denton back up - 27
      • Success - Saves him

  • Rowan
    • Hunter's Marks the Giant Skeleton, then attacks - 19
      • Hit - 15 damage - kills it!