Episode 23 - The Beasts in the Streets

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Episode 23 - The Beasts in the Streets

Since we had such a nice time on last week’s episode of Drunks and Dragons the gang was feeling pretty good. Our heads were in much less danger of being exploded. We met Fennekin the famed cleric. And we even had some direction for our lives! This week things don’t go as well and without spoiling anything I think we can all agree that Tum’s family is the worst.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Primpel Thumble
  • Screechy Thumble



The party exits the Temple of Erathis to be confronted by Primpel Thumble and Screechy Thumble outside. Primpel informs Tum that he will kill him for visiting Fennekin and be rewarded by Trant. The party defeats those two plus a bunch of guards. Thom takes Screechy's arms to add to his collection.


  • +2 Screechy arms added to Thom's collection

Quest Log Updates