Episode 243 - Where Bones Lie

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Hi! I'm Toby! Toby Treacletart!
"I have Detect Magic, I probably should have cast that on those bones. Oh, well. I'm gonna back in... No, I don't care!" ~ Toby Treacletart


Episode 243 - Where Bones Lie

The mystery of this town gets a little deeper but definitely not clearer. It is hard to help but think that everyone in this town is hiding something from us. Surely, they can’t all be guilty…regardless of how suspicious each person appears our goals are to look past it and find Teddy. He is important to finding the Lich and finally easing the undead blight upon this land. Is the Mayor in on it? Is the head of the town guard? What about Teddy’s family…Everyone is a suspect. Everyone.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Having just accidentily seemingly caused the death of Brahm Bones, Rowan panics and tries to figure out what to do, and Jaela tries to pick up the body, which is now rapidly decomposing. Rowan explains the situation to Toby and Steve, who are there now. Jaela and Toby are together able to bring the body, mostly intact, to the Temple of Ioun, to Doctor Habe, and explain the situation. Steve casts Enlarge to allow the Doc to see him better. He seems to have no idea why he would behave/die like this. Jaela presses him, and he reveals that he was courting the school-teacher Katrina Dozar, along with the late Brahm Bones. Also, he reveals that the boy Teddy had some strangeness to him, and perhaps that is the reason that the necromancer Nictis Cross was interested in him. Jaela tells the others about the strange dreams she is having about children, including probably Teddy, and determines that they probably really need to focus on finding Teddy.

She suggests that she use Locate Object to find something of Sinu the Red's, or have Katrina describe Teddy, so she could find him if he is within 1,000 ft. This is a great idea, so they leave to talk to Katrina, but they take one of Brahm Bones' bones. Outside, they realize that having the object described is not good enough for the spell, she would need to have actually seen it, so they can't do that. Who else can they talk to? Brahm's boss, the mayor, Katrina still. Jaela suggests they go to the mayor's place, and Toby recommends they just walk up and knock on the door, as there is no need for subterfuge and chicanery. They go there.

The mayor's house is pretty nice looking, and has three stories! Toby knocks on the door, and the mayor himself, Balfis Vantas opens the door. He is a very amiable man, welcoming the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, and thanking them for their work. They talk about how they should probably have a plan for the zombie horde situation tonight, and Jaela suggests that Rowan go back to the tavern to get their Secret Battle Plan book that they forgot to bring. The Mayor tells her to hurry, as he has a special treat for them, the last milk in town, as there are no more cows. Rowan leaves and goes around the back of the house, while the Mayor invites the others in for a nice meal, where baby Xena touches all of the bread on the table. Rowan climbs up the building, through a window, and into a dusty old room. She finds nothing interesting here, so she sneaks up into the attic. Again, she finds nothing, gets bored and goes back down to the root cellar. Inside is an exhorbant amount of food, more than the Mayor would need. And also... some freshly dug earth. She can't believe what she finds there!!! Next time...


Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 13
    • Nika - 11
    • Bachmann - a hot 8
    • Tim - 5

  • Jaela rolls Persuasion to get Doc Habe to help them figure out about Brahm - 26
    • Success - He is very persuaded, he just doesn't know what he can do.

  • Rowan does a Persuasion on Toby to get him to go along with her and Jaela's secret plans - 11
    • Toby doesn't really get what their saying, but gets that he should probably keep talking about it.

  • Rowan rolls Acrobatics to scale Mayor Vantas' house - 21
    • She is incredibly successful.

  • Rowan then Stealths into the building - 27
    • She is as a ghost is.

  • Rowan Investigates the guest room - 12
    • Finds nothing of interest.

  • Rowan sneaks into the attic, and again Investigates it - 7
    • She gets bored and leaves.

  • Rowan Investigates the cellar - 17
    • She find an unneccesary ton of food.