Episode 24 - Maps and Mystery

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Episode 24 - Maps and Mystery

As our little world is growing, I know all you fine people can’t wait to see which directions the heroes take. Any week could hold completely different adventures because we the players chose to go left instead of right. This is the magic of Dungeons and Dragons and one of the main reasons why this show is so much fun to make. This week’s episode is a truly special one and we hope you enjoy it. Things get pretty interesting to say the least.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The party goes to the local library aka the Temple of Ioun looking for information about the The Brazier of Worlds, The Whip of Binding and The Orb of Endless Power.

Through some excellent secret info delivery on Thrifty 's part we find that Thom learns something about House Vidalis, and Tum learns something about Captain Blindy. They find out information about The Lost Island, and The Crypt of Sinu the Red.

While in the library Xavier Thumble contacts Tum telepathically and explains that he covered for Tum's absence at the castle. Xavier explains that before Tum lost his memories they used to talk a lot about how much Tum hated Trant Thumble. Tum attempts to get Xavier to help them get Blood Drinker but he declines.

After stocking up on information they head back to Castle Greyskull and arrive at lunchtime. They stage a drinking contest with the guards in order to steal keys to the vault. Aludra drinks a guard under the table and Tum steals the keys. The party then makes their way to the vault where they incapacitates two guards and Thom cuts the finger off one of them. They make their way through various traps and eventually reach the vault. The vault is full of awesome magical armour and weapons. Tum attempts to take what he thinks is Blood Drinker but he takes a ridiculous amount of damage. Thom hears Blood Drinker speak in his mind and tell him that he is in the stomach of the stuffed red dragon in the room. Thom jumps down the dragons throat and cuts his way out of the stomach, Blood Drinker in hand. And thus, the greatest love story of the age is born.

Thom attempts to run away with Blood Drinker but Xavier arrives with some guards to stop them.


  • First appearance of Blood Drinker

Quest Log Updates