Episode 253 - Tower of Grey

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"As an employee of the Ferrim Pecunia, it is my honor to take on all the dangers that banking involves." ~ Frank Ubell

"Where I'm at, right now, everyone in game hates Frank. Tim Lanning, will die for Frank. Frank is the new Kipper." ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 253 - Tower of Grey

It has been seven years since the Lich, Sinu the Red, was defeated. The lands of Drunkeros have more or less been at peace. Sure, no one has done anything about Pyre, the ancient red dragon who controls Mastwick. And occasionally a goblin tribe will harass trading caravans or some poor mercenaries may find themselves turning to the other side of the law. But, the scars of the past are being healed. Deephome is prospering under Queens Aludra and Jaela’s rule. Pelor’s Hope has opened trade to the far corners of the realm under Queen Ashayara Dayne’s stern, but loving care. The monkey village is still really happy that Bonanas Foster is gone.

We find our heroes, Rowan Grey and Toby Treacletart, in the town of Greenham where they have founded an adventurers league or heroes guild if you want to avoid potential brand confusion. Surely, nothing stressful or odd will happen to them and they can live out the rest of their days in relative bliss. Wouldn’t that be boring.

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Long Story

In the land of Drunkeros, peace has reigned for the past seven years. Currently 1716, Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane has ruled Deephome along with her wife Jaela, Queen Ashayara Dayne rules over Pelor's Hope, and Pyre still holds Mastwick. Recently, rumors began spreading that someone is rebuilding the city of Caer, destroyed by Fennekin during the Demon Apocalypse. This intrigues Aludra, who fought in The Battle Above the Abyss, which took place over the ruins of Caer. She decides to go look on the reconstruction, see what sort of aid she could offer. As they approach, however, they find that the city has already been completed. Inside, it seems to be exactly as it was before its destruction. There are lots of people here, bustling and excited. There also seems to be a large crowd gathering, so Aludra and her retinue proceed to investigate. The Great Colosseum (where Tum "Darkblade" Thumble was once made to fight a minotaur by his father, the warlord Trant Thumble) is fulled of screaming people. As they approach, they are suddenly escorted right into the middle of the arena, and an eerie silence falls.

On the other side of the arena, standing on a raised platform, stands Trant Thumble himself, not seen these past 15 years. He has guards with him, of many different races. Also standing next to him, is Bucky. I a magically booming voice, Thumble reminds Aludra that she is "the last one left" and that he is sorry that Thom Vidalis could not have been here to witness this. Bucky kneels down before Thumble, but Aludra notices that Bucky has turned into young Prince Thom Harper. One of the guards steps up and offers a sword to Thumble, who unsheaths it, revealing Blood Drinker, destroyed 14 years ago. Thumble swings the sword down, and in one swift stroke, removes the head of Thom Harper.

Aludra wakes up, screaming. Next to her, Jaela also wakes up, having had the same dream. She says, "Blood Drinker!" as she wakes. The two discuss what this could mean, and a guard burst in, asking if they are alright. Aludra calls on her Master of Whispers, and also asks the guard to check on Bucky. Her Master of Whispers, Reginald Oakback enters, and tells her that there is no news out of Caer, it has been long destroyed. He promises to send some of his spies to the area, to put her mind at ease. Aludra asks him to bring them some hot cocoa.

Meanwhile, in the past seven years, Rowan Grey, the bastard half-sister to Queen Ashayara Dayne, has been working to form an adventuring company/heroes guild called The Tower of Grey, and has convinced the gnome Toby Treacletart into being her right hand gnome. Toby, incidentally, has graduated from the White Spire, and is the Wozniak to Rowan's Jobs, if you will. Together, they will travel places throughout Drunkeros and rescue people, save animals, hunt monsters, that sort of thing. Occasionally, a rival adventuring party would rise up, and Rowan and Toby would be made to judge if their intentions were true (usually not). If not, they would have to take action, and disband the party. They built a tower in the town of Greenham, where, after a while, the business slowly begins to decline. They have had two members die on them, one of whom was Thoregg Ironfist. The two realize that they don't have much in the way of muscle, and they need someone, or a few someones, who will do some heavy lifting for them. They are, however, wary of bringing in anyone new, who may get themselves hurt in the line of duty.

One day, Rowan and Toby are conversing in the main meeting room, when Rake walks in, and tells them that they have a customer. He escorts in a woman, Lahni, who asks them for help in finding her brother, Lannie. Toby asks in Amber Reeve, of Norhall Academy, but instead, in walks Oseary Drakoolus, with Frank Ubell. They tell Rowan and Toby that payments are due for the money they took out during construction of the Tower of Grey. He leaves Frank with them, to ensure that the payments come in on time, and exits. Rowan questions Frank, who doesn't believe in fighting. Lahni, however, is a fan of violence, believing it to be a good way to solve her problems. She explains that her family was killed over a rivalry over whether cake was better than pie. She asks them to help her find her missing brother Lannie.


Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane has a dream about Trant Thumble killing Bucky with Blood Drinker in Caer, the most horrifying game of Clue ever. She asks Reginald Oakback to check on it for her. Meanwhile, Rowan Grey and Toby Treacletart have founded The Tower of Grey, and adventuring party to help people with their problems. Lahni asks them to help them find her brother Lannie, who has gone missing. We learn that The Tower of Grey construction has amassed a bit of debt with the Ferrim Pecunia bank of Pelor's Hope. We also meet several new NPCs, such as Frank, Rake, and Oseary Drakoolus.


  • Aludra is about in her mid-thirties
  • Toby is 47
  • Rowan's focus is that of presentation, making sure that Toby looks good when they go into meetings and what-not
  • Toby is dressed a lot nicer than he used to be, with a small mustache, soul-patch, and goatee, and also sideburns. His hair is in a ponytail done in a gold bow
  • Rowan has a septim piercing, wears her hair in an undercut, and has a tight black leather outfit, which has been modified by a sorcerer to cool her down in hot climates
  • Despite the fact that game time is the same as real time, it is currently summer in Drunkeros
  • Toby now has the Lucky feat, although he may never use it again

Quest Log Updates


  • Toby rolls Perception to see if Lahni's ferret is alive - 7 Nat20
    • No, it isn't an alive ferret

  • Toby rolls Insight to see how much of a nerd, a weenie, a dork Frank is - 18
    • He is a commoner