Episode 25 - Acid Trip

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Episode 25 - Acid Trip

Our heroes were left in quite the pickle last week eh? Who knows what is going on in the mysterious armory of Trant Thumble and if the gang will make it out alive… Fortunately, some powerful magic items were left just lying around so the odds should be in their favor.

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The party fights Xavier Thumble and many, many guards to get out of the vault. Blood Drinker tells Thom the Dragonborn that there is a switch on the stuffed dragon that will open acid pits in the floor. Opening the pits goes fairly well for them until both Tum and Junpei fall in the pits and take a lot of acid damage. At the end of the battle Junpei has a mental break and fights Thom for the rights to Xavier's head. Junpei eventually gets the head and eats Xavier's brains. This is less than ideal for the rest of the party.

Quest Log Updates