Episode 264 - The Big and Brave Ben Dilladong

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Toby is getting real tired of Frank's shit.

"Lahni thinks of an egg salad sandwhich and goes shooting across the Astral Plane!" ~ Nika

'"I was told in the monastery, if I ever decided to venture out, I shouldn't miss the chance to witness a bear orgy." ~ Skud Derringer


Episode 264 - The Big and Brave Ben Dilladong

After escaping the fierce Drow Warriors, our heroes must decide he next plan of attack. They have little time to decide since Thom Harper is still in peril. But…it serves Thom no good if his would be rescuers die in the process. Unfortunately we also do not know what dangers hide within the Astral Plane…it is just so weird. But have no fear for the Tower of Grey shall not be toppled so easily!

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

Facing an imminent death at the hands of three scary Drow, Toby Treacletart just used his Robe of Stars to transport himself and his allies, Skud Derringer, Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain, Rowan Grey, and I guess Frank Ubell to the Astral Plane, as a way of escaping. Skud's skeleton dude friend thing is still back in the Feywild. A green light emanates from a portal behind them, the one they just emerged from. Before them lies a sea of stars, and the party floats in the air, unable to move themselves. There are large stone boulders floating around them, that look like they have been carved into some kind of shape. Frank tells them to think their way around, and that allows them to move (does this mean Frank has been to the Astral Plane before? God, shut up Frank!). Toby lays Skud down on one of the boulders (he is still unconscious from the battle), and Rowan uses Cure Wounds to stabilize the monk, granting him 10 hit points. He wakes and the others explain the situation. They then lament on the fact that Rowan left her Dancing Rapier back in the Feywild, while Skud gave his Wand of Magic Missile to his skele-bro. Toby knows that Astral Plane time is the same as Feywild Time, so they don't have the option of waiting out the Drow.

Skud grants everyone 33 hit points with Prayer of Healing (I think). As they are contemplating their next move, a nearby boulder explodes, marking the arrival of something Frank calls an "Astral Dreadnaught". The thing is huge and has giant pincers on its ugly mug, only one eye, and spiky, scaly skin. Frank peaces the f out of there, and the others follow. They return to the Feywild, and standing before them is a giant man, holding a giant cudgel. He is currently in the process of slaying one of the Drow, which he finishes and then turns to the party. He introduces himself (in song) as "Old Ben Dilladong". Rowan introduces them as The Tower of Grey, and tells them that they are the ones who weakened the Drow. Nook Nimmlock emerges from underneath a spider corpse, whilst Rowan gets her sword back, and Skud retrieves his skeleton-dude.

He tells them that he killed them because they were evil and didn't belong, but this party, the Tower, look like good people. He leads them back to his home to rest. It's a cozy little cottage, with a nice fire blazing, and a table already set for everyone. There are wheels of cheese and loafs of bread, and crocks of butter, etc. Old Ben tells them that his cudgel is also a bong, (because he's a genius), and Lahni immediatly begins taking hits of Silverweed Oil. Skud fasions a bone straw from his skele-bros, and he is drinking honey (Hellwasp Honey?) through it. Toby asks him about his job, and he says that it is his duty to patrol the forests, and keep people safe, although things have "gone sideways" lately. He says that he no longer feels the protection of the god Melora anymore.

They all are enamored with the large merry man, and ask him if he wants to join them on their adventures, but he refuses, claiming that his friend, Silverberries, would not like it if he left. Silverberries seems to be a female friend of his who is of course not an actual berry. Anyway, Old Ben tells them that the Feywild has been all "Upside-downed" for only a couple days now, and that he doesn't have any contact with anyone else, so he is pretty uninformed on current events. He offers to let them stay the night to rest, and then escort them to the edge of the forest in the morning. A huge dark shape passes outside the window, which Old Ben says is probably Silverberries, who is a magical bear, by the way. She is very intelligent, but it's still pretty fucked.

They all turn in. Rowan hits the hay before they set up watch, but Lahni offers to take the first watch (though she can't promise she'll remember anything, due to all the silverweed oil). They sleep, and in the night, they hear the sounds of a bear being made mad love to. In the morning, Old Ben leads them out to the edge of the forest, after they were able to pick up the trail. He gives them a gift of 10 berries. He teaches them a short song that will call him for help, but only in the forest, since he can't leave.


Toby shifted them all to the Astral Plane, where now they rest and heal up a little, before being attacked by a giant creature from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. They jump back into the Feywild, dreading the fight with the Drow, only to find a kindly giant by the name of Old Ben Dilladong has already slain them. He leads them back to his home, where they rest for the night, and then in the morning, he leads them to the edge of the forest (which he is not allowed to leave), and they part ways.


Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 11
    • Tim - 13
    • Jennifer - 14
    • Bachmann - 19

  • Toby rolls Perception to see the faces on the boulders in the Astral Plane - 11+1
    • He sees no faces

  • Toby rolls Intelligence to know if time passes differently between the Feywild and the Astral Plane - 14+5
    • Time is passing at the same rate

  • Rowan rolls Insight to see if they can trust Old Ben Dilladong - 21
    • He seems very on the level

  • Skud rolls Perception to see if any of the berries on the table are silver - 11
    • No, he doesn't see any silver berries