Episode 265 - Towards the Banks of Fate

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"Well, I'm a Satyr, and we are known to be extremely horny..." ~ Nook Nimmlock


Episode 265 - Towards the Banks of Fate

Getting your biscuits smashed by some rude enemies is enough to make even the strongest and bravest heroes pause for a moment and assess their situation. Unfortunately for our heroes, the longer they wait the longer young Prince Thom Harper remains in his captors grasp. But there sure do seem like a lot of Drow around these parts. And the friend we have met along the way seem to both be avoid the area we are going. This should be fun.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Having just been led to the edge of the forest by Old Ben Dilladong (history's greatest NPC), Toby Treacletart wonders to his allies, Rowan Grey, Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain, and Skud Derringer, (and I guess Frank Ubell too), what their next move should be. As The Tower of Grey, they are attempting to search for the missing Prince Thom Harper. Lahni suggests that she use her incredible speed to run in any direction for five minutes, then five minutes back, and do this several times to see if she can see a settlement, or any people, or whatever. While the others agree this is a good plan (if only to see her run scary fast again), Toby does suggest looking at The Orb, a magical map they found in the Monastery of Uthgar recently. The orb is a small, rune-covered sphere that had six "bumps" on its surface, evenly placed across it. One of those bumps is now lit up, a slight greenish-white color. Previously, Toby pressed the button to reveal a translucent, shimmering image of a densely wooded area, and none of the other buttons did anything. He presses it again now, and a light image appears again, this time, as an island with a big, crystalline structure on it. He presses the button next to it, which flashes red, and another image appears. This one is an "eerie subterranean cave". Lahni presses a third button, producing another red light, and the image of a large walled city, the walls made out of a strange gleaming metal.

Nook Nimmlock reminds the party of his presence, and makes a pass at Toby, who is visibly uncomfortable with the situation. He hands the Orb to Rowan, who presses a fourth button. Another red light and another image, a city that is on fire, with buildings that look as if they have been broken in half. The fifth button (red light) reveals a flowing stream in rolling hills, a very calming image. Rowan enthusiastically presses the sixth and final button. Another flash of red, and then a barren plain, empty save for the massive fortress in it, made from a "dull metal". Soldiers surround it, standing in "perfect lines". After investigating for a while, and determining that they know very little about this orb and what it could all mean, Nook tells them that the island with the crystal castle is where the Spring Court resides, and that is the source of all the ickiness invading the Feywild. "That's where the spiders are coming from", he says. He tells them about Lolth rising.

Nook refuses to follow them to the Castle, but Toby, recognizing that the satyr has a thing for him, attempts to seduce him. This doesn't work, although Nook does tell them of the Feywild Four that helped to start this new Spider Apocalypse. He says that it was Rikety Nell, the hag, who stole the Jade Pyramid and used it to trap Melora, which we know to be a lie. After more seduction tactics on the part of... everyone? he agrees to take them to the Castle and show them the secret entrance. They go and do that, but see that all the boats and ferries that used to be there are no longer there. In addition, the island seems to be overrun with enemy forces. Oh, no!


The party uses the orb, revealing six location that seem to be in different planes. One of them is the Castle of the Spring Court, which Nook leads them to. Unfortunately, there are no boats, and the island that the castle sits on is overrun with "enemy forces."


Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 7 - Bapped
    • Nika - Nat20
    • Tim - 12
    • Bachmann - 2

  • They all roll History to see what they know about the various locations the orb/map shows them
    • Rowan (gleaming walled city) - 11
      • Nothing
    • Skud (gleaming walled city) - 9
      • Nothing
    • Toby (gleaming walled city) - 14+10
      • He recognizes the City of Brass
    • Rowan (dull soldiered city) - 12
      • Nothing
    • Lahni (dull soldiered city) - 12
      • Nothing
    • Toby (flaming, broken city) - 4+10
      • Nothing
    • Toby (dull soldiered city) - 10+10
      • He thinks the soldiers may be fiends of some kind

  • They roll Insight to see if Nook Nimmlock is a coward
    • Rowan - 12
      • She doesn't know
    • Lahni - 22
      • She senses that he is justly afraid

  • Rowan rolls Persuasion to charm Nook into going with them - 20
    • Success - He gives them some more information

  • Rowan scouts ahead using Survival, with the help of Lahni, granting advantage
  • Lahni scouts ahead using Survival, with the help of Rowan, granting advantage - 15+10
    • She sees a patrol of Drow and gives that info to the rest of them