Episode 26 - A Test of Friendship

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Episode 26 - A Test of Friendship

I know we say this every week, but honestly, things get dicey on this episode of Drunks and Dragons. With Junpei going a little crazy and Thom being influenced by some mysterious force the gang’s trust is tested to its limits. Add in a visit from a group of Darkblades and things got really interesting.

Cast and Player Characters



The party escapes Castle Greyskull with the help of some tricky skill checks and Tum's disguise hat. They reach Quimby's Tavern where they meet the Darkblades to hand off Blood Drinker. However Thom and Blood Drinker have bonded heavily and he is reluctant to give it up. Things get dicey until Blood Drinker tells Thom they will find each other again. Thom eventually gives up the sword and Tum is officially made a Darkblade.


  • Blood Drinker is separated from Thom

Quest Log Updates