Episode 27 - Turning Heads

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 27

Title: Turning Heads

Air Date: 11/15/16

Length: 00:56

Swear Jar Count: 19, Ben gets the penalty.

Next Episode: Bloopisode 8

Previous Episode: Episode 26 - Follow the Road

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When one door closes...

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Season 4 cover art by Kym Stonick.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

As Evie approaches, the four pale people sitting at the table turn their heads towards her. The strange people get up and chase the party as it retreats to another room. Once safely behind a locked door, the group finds a hutch with a bronze box, four lanterns, and a tiny bronze pyramid. Robin and Evie lose their grasp on reality. The four pale people rush into the room and a struggle ensues. A bloody 42 shows up, armed, and ends the struggle.

Finally feeling safe, the party searches the rest of the house. They find a false wall that opens into a tunnel. Following it down, they find a strange device like a coffin and Bianca. Tess looks into the device and identifies the person inside as Jack.

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