Episode 281 - Where in the Realms is Pelor?!?

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"We're gonna Pretty Woman these guards." ~ Mike Bachmann

"I think that if there's a system to things, then maybe we should be able to figure it out, but, I don't know. I have to say right now I am for a loss of words, I think I've been too far into the Ferret Wine, if we could be honest for just a minute, Rowan. I have done what Pappi always said you should not do, and I just went tits-over-ass, ass-over-tits with the Ferret Wine, and... Here we am. Here we am, right now." ~ Lahni Caplain


Episode 281 - Where in the Realms is Pelor?!?

The mystery of the missing Pelor continues, this time we actually make some progress and find some good clues. Mostly that we have a suspect and it seems like there is a mysterious stranger that knows more than it seems. Also, Toby Takes A Nap!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The Tower of Grey has just finished their conversation with Marendithas Bearcharger, who has left. They can hear the orc army breaking through another of the city's walls outside. Lahni suggest that the missing god Pelor might be around somewhere, trapped the way Melora was. Tim doesn't know what to do, so Michael tells them to break down what information they have. They know:

  1. They have The Orb, which takes them to places where bad things are happening, specifically to gods
    1. Currently, two nodes are blinking, one for Elysium, and the other for the metal walled city in a very hot place
    2. The last plane, the Feywild, had a the Jade Pyramid that fused with the orb, so it's likely that each location has a "piece" that goes along with the orb
      1. So, most likely, there is another pyramid capturing Pelor, and they need to get it
  2. Melora was captured in her own chambers, so maybe Pelor is in his room?
  3. Lahni pushes one of the five remaining buttons, the one that was previously for Elysium, and it's changed. It now shows an eerie subterranean cave, that may be Shadowfell?
    1. Another of the buttons did and still does show basically the same location

Rowan wants to talk to whoever's in charge, so Toby flags down the guards who stand outside Pelor's door, and asks them. They are unsure, as Pelor, as a god, did a pretty good job of holding down the fort on his own. But maybe one of his high clerics would know what was going on. Rowan remembers Father Tierney. The guards also recommend the head of the guards, but he's busy fighting right now. They decide to go back to the infirmary, where they, once again meet Rozz the receptionist (Not Ros the pirate-turned-ship-owner-turned-traitor-turned-Master-of-Whispers. Man, Ros really has had quite the character arc hasn't she. She's truly the best NPC. I wonder where she is? Michael, where's Ros? I miss her. Anyway.) She tells them that Father Tierney will see them now, so they go in. Rowan asks him what he thinks of the whole situation, revealing that they believe Pelor may be in the Shadowfell. They talk briefly about the many planes and their relation to one another. Hell is one place, the Abyss is another, and, it seems, the Shadowfell is another altogether. He does offer to send them back to Drunkeros, but asks if they can figure out what happened to Pelor. Toby blurts out that no one will let them into his room, so they can't investigate, and Father Tierney says he can get them in. He writes a note to the guards saying that they can go wherever they want. He also deputizes them as "Deputies in the Service of Our Lord Pelor, Who Happens To Be Missing Right Now". This apparently grants them the right to marry people. He ALSO asks them to find out what happened to the two not dead guards, Tilly and Donnybrooke while they're at it. They ask about the Gruumsh's Army at the gates, and he seems pretty resigned to the idea that the army is unstoppabled, and that Elysium is sure to be destroyed. They leave.

They first go back to Pelor's room, mostly because they want to stick it to those guards who didn't let them through. They don't even stop, they don't care. They just waltz right on in, and show them the note as they are about to get stabbed or whatever. Toby threatens to marry them together if they don't let them through. They concede, but whisper to each other after the gang is gone that they are already married. Inside the room, Toby puts on his Eyes of Minute Seeing that he apparently has, and looks around. It looks as though there was a scuffle here; there was a fight with a god. There are markings on the ground that brings to mind some kind of Plane Shift spell. It seems that whoever cast it went to the Shadowfell. They decide they need to go to the Shadowfell, which would require that Toby take a long rest to regain his "Shift from Plane to Plane" spell. Remember that in all of these episodes, very little time has passed. They've only been in Elysium a couple hours. Toby takes a nap on Pelor's bed, while the others keep asking questions. They go to the barracks, specifically, the laundromat, to investigate the claim that the killers of the two guards were wearing guards' uniforms. There's a large man behind the desk. He's in charge of the uniforms, apparently. Rowan tells him about what happened to Tilly and Donnybrooke, and asks about if the uniforms get checked out. They do. He doesn't super care about all this. The guards are back alive, so whatever. Rowan asks Lahni, who is pretty lost (and maybe a little intoxicated on Ferret Wine). They offer the uniform receptionist some wine. He accepts, and drinks some. Now in a much more cordial mood, he asks them what it is they want to know, which is, "Who took out an extra uniform." He reveals the books to them, showing that there was one person who hadn't returned an extra uniform around that time. It was... Milky! He was the guard from the beginning of the Elysium arc who had the head of a weasel/ferret with pure white fur. He had basically no lines. Also, this guys' name is Slingblade. He tells them that Milky can probably be found down at Modean 7 (?). They leave.

In the halls, a strange figure stops them and says that he's heard they are asking about guards and the whole situation. He has information that they probably want. He says that he will tell them... Next time!


The party panicks for a second, not knowing what to do next. They decide to go back to Father Tierney, who might know what to do or how to find Pelor. He makes them deputies and gives them permission to go anywhere, including Pelor's room. They do and discover evidence that Pelor was in a fight, and also that the spell Plane Shift was used, and someone, or multiple someone's, traveled to the Shadowfell. This is bad news. Toby takes a nap to regain his Plane Shift spell, while Rowan and the others investigate the deaths of Tilly and Donnybrooke, at the request of the Father. They head to the laundromat and befriend the receptionist there, Slingblade, who tells them that a guard uniform was not checked in, but it was checked out by Milky! As the party leaves to go deal with this, they are approached by a mysterious figure, who tells them that he has information they are looking for, in regards to the whole guard thing. He promises to tell them in the next episode.


  • Where is Ros?
  • Slingblade lives on Pine Street, and his door is made out of wood. Who knows what kind?
  • Also, I'm pretty sure Tilly and Donnybrooke are both names for "fights" in Letterkenny, the show that most of Elysium is based on. Having never seen, nay, even heard of, that show, I'm kind of going in blind here
  • We learn in the next episode that the mysterious figure's name is Skid

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 7
    • Jennifer - Nat1
    • Tim - 18
    • Bachmann - doesn't roll

  • Toby does an Investigation check to look around Pelor's room - 19+12
    • Success - He sees some clues, as described above

  • Rowan rolls Persuasion to get the receptionist of uniform to warm up to them over some Ferret Wine - Nat20
    • With Lahni's help, who got - 11