Episode 284 - Goodbye, My Son

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"Tell that smart gnome kid that, uh... Thanks for taking my spot, as one of the best magical adventurers in Drunkeros." ~ King Titus Harper


Episode 284 - Goodbye, My Son

With things getting Real Bad in this particular heaven we need to move on. Cut and Run. Get Out While the Gettin is Good. You know. Plus, the greater threat is always around the corner and we must meet it head on in order to make the realms a safer place. We must. If we don’t then who will? We are heroes.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Tyson has just agreed to tell The Tower of Grey everything he knows, after they knocked out Gagney. Meanwhile, Toby, as Yazdir Dosh, as Doug the Dark Elf, is using his cursed bow Greyhingendar to fire on orcs, in the most epic manner. Tyson is freaking out a little bit about how they nearly killed Gagney, despite the party's insistence that they were doing non-lethal damage. Skud uses Minor Illusion to make his voice more scary, and asks him why he was using poisoned weapons. He reveals that he was just trying to kill Lahni, so that they can leave. They aren't really guards, in fact, they were hired to "do a job". After being pressed, he says that they were hired by a woman named Josail Longshadow, to become guards, and then, "let some people through a door," which they've already done. The door was to Pelor's room, and the people were other associates of Longshadow, including Longshadow himself, who was "terrifying." She is said to work directly for Torog himself. Torog is the god of the Shadowfell.

After some deliberation as to what to do next, they ask Tyson where they can find Josail. He says that she's probably be in the city of Grull in the Shadowfell. In burst Ursus Bearnabus, the Captain of the Guard. He asks why Tyson and Gagney are tied up, and Rowan reveals that they are the culprits behind the death of Tilly and Donnybrooke. Ursus tells them that he will take care of them, but they should go and make sure Prince Thom Harper is safe, as there is a war on outside. Outside, Doug/Yazdir/Toby has become wounded, and is about to be killed by an orc, but summons a dire-bear to safe him at the last minute. Toby runs back toward the others, turning back into Yazdir after losing all his bonus HP. He flies to the bar and meets his friends, and they catch up. They decide to go find Thom and bring him home, so Toby, still as a dragon, carries them off. Thom is playing Pin the Tail on the Daisy with King Titus Harper. The two Harpers say their goodbyes (which is actually pretty heart-wrenching tbh). Harper then says goodbye to the others. I cry.

During the sob fest, Father Tierney enters, offering them a teleportation circle to the Prime Material Plane. Toby enters to leave, and he and Harper have some words. It's weird, but incredible. Harper leaves to find Pelor, which is interesting, because that's what the Tower of Grey is also trying to do. Anyway, they all step into the teleportation circle and jump back down to Drunkeros, into Pelor's Hope, where they meet up with Queen Ashayara Dayne. She and Thom hug, in tears. Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane and her wife Jaela enter, having just come from battle (The Siege of Pelor's Hope is just going on/ending). Following behind them is a wounded Eckhart Dayhammer.


Tyson tells the party that they were hired by a woman name Josail Longshadow, who lives in a twon called Grull in the Shadowfell. They were hired to become guards to let Josail and others into Pelor's room, presumably to kidnap him. Josail is said to work for Torog, ruler of the Shadowfell, so it sounds like they need to go there. The party then goes to get Prince Thom Harper, who is hanging out with his father, King Titus Harper. Titus Harper says goodbye to the party and Infinity Stones out of there. Then Father Tierney sends them back to Drunkeros using a Teleportation Circle, where they hand Thom over to his mother, Queen Ashayara Dayne. Also, Aludra, Jalea, and Eckhart Dayhammer are there.


  • Toby has written a lot of fanfiction of Doug the Dark Elf, under the penname "Grollocomp Vredarn/Gedarn"
  • Titus Harper is voiced/played by Tim in this episode, despite being voiced/played by Michael before. It's a little confusing
  • Even Harper, who has never met Frank before, hates Frank
    • But they hug anyway
  • Podcast amnesia is real
  • Titus Harper mentions to Thom Harper that Ashayara Dayne is the world's greatest mother, Rowan is the world's greatest aunt, and he also mentions Thom's two mushroom uncles. These are Ralphie and Edgar, and they were rescued from the inside of a purple worm way back in Episode 174 - The Wrongest We Ever Got It
  • Father Tierney jokes about the teleportation circle, and that to use it, they have to offer their most embarrasing memories. This is a great time to remind everyone of Episode 133 - Making it to Mastwick, where Nika told us all about the time she clogged the toilet of a boy she liked, and he had to go unclog it. Then she tried to hide from him and fell off a bed. Never forget
  • Toby, as Yazdir/Doug, ate 20 orcs

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 4
    • Bachmann - 12
    • Jennifer - 13
    • Nika - 16

  • Skud rolls Intimidation to interrogate Tyson - 19
    • Tyson reveals that he was trying to kill Lahni

  • Some of them roll Religion to see who Torog is
    • Skud - 18
      • He knows that he is the God of jailers and torturers, and rules over the Shadowfell
    • Lahni - 15
      • She knows that he's a diety

  • Skud rolls Religion to see if Gruumsh and Torog get along - 22
    • They aren't besties, but they don't hate each other. Gruumsh is Chaotic Evil, while Torog is Neutral Evil