Episode 285 - A History of Things Powerful and Evil

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"By the Confusion of Rhaegar!" ~ Eckhart Dayhammer


Episode 285 - A History of Things Powerful and Evil

Our new best friend Eckart Dayhammer gives us a brief history of the Circle of Seven and about how lots of things are real bad right now. But, we know now that our quest leads us to Grol a city in the Shadowfell. Since things are bad like, everywhere we enlisted the aide of our former adventurer pals/ scary boat captain to help collect info while we are venture into the dangerous unknown. Hopefully the Shadowfell will be chill and fun but we need to be prepared for when we return. If we return...

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Queen Ashayara Dayne and her son Prince Thom Harper have been reunited. They share a moment before Ashayara Dayne's icy demeanor returns, and she addresses the group. She says that they all need to introduce themselves, and so many conversations happen, most notably, between Aludra and Rowan, and Jaela and Lahni. Eckhart Dayhammer asked to talk in private with the group of them. Toby casts Minor Illusion to give Thom Harper earmuffs. Dayhammer asks about Pelor, and the others explain that he went missing not long after Dayhammer left Elysium. They explain everything they know. They ask him what happened at the feast that took place just before he went missing. He says that there were "many things out of place," and explains that they need to find Adira Harper. They tell him that they know Adira betrayed Melora and trapped her using the Jade Pyramid, and then they show Dayhammer The Orb, which has the Pyramid attached to it. They ask him to help them identify the locations the Orb is showing them, and he "clarifies" a series of things (NOTE: I, the lowley editor, am having a real hard time with this one. They said some stuff before, and there's some different stuff now, and it's not always clear specifically what's being referred to. I'm trying my best, but take this next section with a grain of salt): That the City of Brass is in the Elemental Plane of Fire (which Dayhammer has been to) (this must be the "flaming city with a building broken in half"). He doesn't know what the "barren plain, peaked with a massive fortress, made of a dull metal and surrounded by soldiers in 'perfect lines'" is, but does know that it is evil. They ask Aludra and Jaela, but they don't know. It could be the Abyss, or the Nine Hells, or some shit.

Toby wants to get help from the White Spire, but Dayhammer claims to already have been there, and they know nothing of Adira's whereabouts. Lahni says that Toby can do it, as he is the best wizard in the lands, prompting Dayhammer to correct her and tell her that Bigby is the greatest wizard. At the mention of Bigby, leader of the Circle of Seven, Lahni mentions that Adira was rumored to be involved with that, so they need to find the Circle of Seven. Eckhart Dayhammer is one of the Circle of Seven! They know that the Circle wants to "keep balance", which, Dayhammer explains, they interpret to mean the following: "There can be no happiness without sadness. Unchecked courage leads to recklessness. If we were to conquer death, life would soon overwhelm our natural resources and we would have to take on crazy ideas, like, maybe, removing half of the population. We are all about the middle way, and it is the best way. We must have balance." He thinks that Aidra betrayed them (even though, for there to be a true balance, there can be no loyalty without betrayal. What do you think about that, fucking Circle of Seven?). Adira has worked with the Nine Hells, and had previously told the Circle what was going on there. Apparently, the Abyss and the Nine Hells are in perpetual war with one another. Orcus, the god of the Abyss had amassed too much power, and his forces were about to overwhelm the Nine Hells. Which is why he and the rest of the Circle had to try to destroy him that one time. He is currently unsure of what Adira's plan is, or what she's trying to do. He says that she may be working for Asmodeus, the god of the Nine Hells.

Toby suggests that they hire a group of sub-adventurers to go to each of the other planes, while The Tower of Grey go to the Shadowfell, along with a Scroll of Locate Person. He asks Frank Ubell if they have the budget for four of these scrolls. He says that he will have to submit the proper paperwork, but Rowan overrides it. They all agree to go find Adira, and Eckhart will go with them. He asks if Aludra and Jaela will accompany the group, but they are conflicted, as they have responsibilities here, and in Deephome. Jaela asks Toby if he could make dopplegangers or clones of them. They can't but they can send out royal spies. At the mention of spies, a certain French Canadian former pirate lady enters the room, and says "Did someone says zey need a spy?" It's Ros!


There is a long conversation about the planes of existence, gods, and what to do next. Eventually, they decide to take Eckhart Dayhammer to the Shadowfell to search for Adira Harper, who has gone rogue and seems to be up to some weird shit. Jaela and Aludra can't come, but they do agree to send spies out to help solve this mystery. Just then Ros enters and volunteers.


  • There is some debate about the social status of one Jett Razor. Apparently, people don't like him or his music, except Bucky
  • Toby is proficient in table settings
  • Lahni doesn't age(!), and thinks she heals really fast.
  • The button on the Orb that used to show Elysium, began to show the Shadowfell after they got to Elysium, so now two of them show the Shadowfell
    • This would imply that the Orb shows Gods locations and troubles, not just planes of existence
  • One way to get to the Shadowfell is to go through the Underdark
    • The Underdark is just a series of caves underneath the Prime Material Plane
  • Within the Shadowfell is the location of the Raven Queen
  • Dayhammer was sent to Pelor's Hope by Pelor himself, and his army was destroyed defending the city
  • Adira's capturing of Melora took place after the Orcus Onslaught
  • Skud invented a TV while in the monastery, where TV stands for Too View, because that's what it's for

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap (d12 this time)
    • Nika - 9
    • Bachmann - 6
    • Tim - 10
    • Jennifer - 2

  • Toby makes an Arcana check to see what he knows about Bigby - 19+12
    • The last thing he heard was that Bigby had gone missing around 15 years ago, was gone for a while, then reappeared around 5 years ago (several years after the Demon Apocalypse)

  • Toby rolls to see what he knows of "Balance" - Nat1
    • He falls over onto the floor