Episode 28 - Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour

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Episode 28 - Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour

I know you will love this week’s episode of Drunks and Dragons because we make fools of ourselves. You see, without spoiling what happens, the gang is put into a bit of a pickle that they need to try and figure out. The issue is that the gang is full of lunatics who like to use their weapons instead of their minds. Listen as we attempt to solve a mystery that befalls a small island on our voyage to Mastwick.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The party investigates the mass deaths in Stockley and finds that none of them appear to be related or natural. The ex-slaves load up on supplies and loot the corpses (with the party's permission). Unable to decipher what happened (and with Junpei itching to burn the entire place to the ground) they leave on the boat.

In the middle of the night everybody wakes up because Ros has found Branson dead from a stab wound in the back. Almost immediately the crew starts acting strangely. Those affected feel itchy and exhibit strange behaviour:

  • Flinn and Cooper start making out.
  • Trevor and Chad fight each other for Aludra's affection.
  • Brett gets wicked drunk and won't stop drinking.
  • Ros hauls Thom the Dragonborn into her cabin and they get into some weird shit.
  • Brady sits alone in the crow's nest.
  • Xantolin tries to fight Tum for his Darkblade insignia, hoping that will make him a Darkblade.
  • Aludra is also affected and feels a strong urge to smash things with her hammer. Like more than normal.

A very confused Tum and Junpei eventually realize that they need to go back to Stockley because they can't make it to Bowbreaker Bay with the crew like this. When they get back to the island a more careful search reveals the Mayor's journal. With the journal they find out that there is a golden bat idol that spreads chaos. Tum and Junpei confront Brady who eventually admits that he has it. Once the idol is smashed, everybody goes back to normal. Or as normal as they get anyways.

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