Episode 290 - Getting to Work

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Many Many Characters drawn by @killurmonkey

"You're like a weird brand of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, just, you're like shitty sicknesses." ~ Jimmy Skaags

"I haven't been able to control any bones not encased in my own meat flesh since we got here." ~ Skud Derringer


Episode 290 - Getting to Work

Things sure are complicated in this prison. I guess it is probably the most complicated prison in all of the realms if you think about it. Anyways, we gotta get out of here and I guess free our blood? That is a weird thing to say but we have definitely said weirder things. But even if we escape the physical grounds of the prison who knows what they can do with our blood. So, that is a huge priority. So is getting to work! Finally, we got our job assignments.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Frank Ubell is not dead, but he does hit the wall and is owied. Toby stands on a table and announces to the whole cafeteria that they are "Brad's Bruisers" and they are in charge now. Skud thinks that if he could recruit his friends to be on his side, working for his nameless Baus, that might put Skud on good terms with The Baus. His roommate, Jimmy Skaags, agrees. Lahni, who has Toby on her, talks to Skud, and there is a long conversation about how someone can ride another person. Skud asks them all to act like they don't know each other which they agree to. Skud calls Jimmy's Baus, "The Baus", and that they are the most powerful people in prison. He asks them to play along with his scheme to get them working for "The Baus", which, Skud believes, will help them get their blood out of the magical room, so they can use magic again. Toby acts weird, telling them that they have to get their items back "no matter what happens to their bodies". Skud introduces them all to Jimmy, and gives them all prisony nicknames. Toby/Brad is Shingles, Rowan is Chicken Pox, and Lahni is Brittle Bone Disease. They ask him about Josail Longshadow, and Jimmy doesn't like her so much, saying that she "gives the Baus a hard time, but they have an understanding." They offer to take out Josail for them, which Jimmy is on board with, but he does tell them that it is probably impossible to do, seeing as she is the warden, and is sure to have many guards around her at all times. Maybe, Toby suggests, if they got their blood back, they could get to her using magic. Skud asks Jimmy how he can get some "Smokes" (which, remember, are like smoke bombs for parlor tricks) to which Jimmy replies that Skud could do some favors for The Baus. This reminds Skud about his note that he has to deliver, which means he has to get a job in the laundry. Skud, side-barring with the others, told them about how Jimmy was able to bribe a guard with the smokes, maybe that could work again.

Toby thinks he could recreate the smoke bombs if he gets his hands on one, which Steinar Ulth overhears. He sits down next to them, and tells Toby that he is a bit of an alchemist, and offers to help them make it. He has, you see, been working on a plan to escape, and was hoping his next roommate would be a magic user. His plan involves a book in the library, but he, nor anyone else he knows, can get a job there, so Toby will have to do it. This book, which I believe is titled Oric's Compendium of Alchemical Tinctures and Solves, has a spell in it that will teach them how to create the smoke bombs, and a potion that will change their blood composition. Drinking should nullify the effects of the magic blood room, allowing them to do magic again. The book is in the restricted section. Their other option is to just get the blood manually, but the location of the magic dampening room is unknown. They all think that it would be best to do Rowan's thing first, to steal some sausage casing from the kitchens so she can make a bow. Ulth says that there are rumors that the blood and the equipment are kept in the same place. Skud wants to open his note, to see what's inside, but Ulth, who also knows about The Baus, doesn't think that's a good idea (The Baustold Skud specifically not to open the note). Ulth tells them that The Baus would probably know where the blood is being kept, also that any guard might know. He says that they are going to be sorted into houses assigned to their new jobs soon, and it would be good if one of them was stationed in the library. Toby, unfortunately, lied to the guards about his skills, and is unlikely to be assigned there, so he leaves and approaches one of the guards. He asks the guard who he could talk to about changing his answers for the interrogation, but the guard answers him with a smack to the face (8 damage)! Rowan stands and tries to go help, but Ulth stops her and tells them all that that guard is Stymer Dunkan, the evil mean guard that nobody likes. Dunkan tells them not to talk to him or the other guards, or they'll get that again, or worse. Toby, instead, goes to another guard and asks him, but the guard just laughs and tells him to leave, or he'll get beat again.

There is a loud bell, and a voice booms out telling all prisoners to go to their work assignment duties. The Tower of Grey thinks about where to go, suggesting that they just go wherever they want to be assigned to, but as they go to leave, a hooded dude blocks their way. Toby, again, tries to tell them that he is really smart, and wants to change his answer, but instead of listening, the guy DOESN'T LISTEN. He gives Toby his assignment, which is kitchen duty. The guards immediately pick him up and drag him off. The man then turns to Rowan, and assigns her to work the fields, basically garden duty. Lahni is assigned to the library, which is fortuitous, and she tries to wink at Toby before she is taken away. Skud is almost assigned to the kitchens as well, but another guard appears and hands over a piece of paper, causing him to be assigned to the laundry. They are all sent away, and they head off to their various assignments.


The party spends some time thinking about what to do. They need to escape, and to do so, they need to talk to Josail Longshadow. In order to do that, they need their magic powers back, which means they need to get in good with The Baus, but doing jobs for him. Skud needs to deliver his not to Cart #7 of the laundry, and Toby needs to steal a book called Oric's Compendium of Alchemical Tinctures and Solves from the library, for Steinar Ulth. Ulth can use the book to find their magic blood, and also make smoke bombs, which they can use as currency to bribe the guards. Also what would be helpful is getting Rowan a bow, so she needs to steal some sausage casing from the kitchens. It all seems like it'll line up nice and clean, until it comes time to be assigned. Toby is sent to the kitchens, Rowan has garden duty, Lahni is in the library, but Skud does get sent to the laundry, thanks to the machinations of The Baus. So at least that worked out.


  • Toby has had scotch and doesn't like it, because it gives him heartburn
  • Skud loves scotch, despite not being very worldly
  • Jimmy is in prison for a number of things, including smuggling and embezzling. He says he is from "up top"
  • "The Baus" is not spelled how you think it's spelled
  • The Baus has beautiful silky hair. Confirmed human
  • Skud likes Quests
  • Steinar Ulth has an accent now, for some reason, that is a mix between Russian and Mexican
  • Skud's bones are either sitting around quietly, or are going on a rampage. It's 50/50 either way

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 5
    • Jennifer - 6
    • Nika - 9 - roll-off - 2
    • Bachmann - 9 - roll-off - Nat20 - Bapped, even though I don't think that works for a roll-off, but whatever. Chooses Jennifer

  • Everyone but Skud rolls Perception
    • Toby - 16
      • Notices Skud
    • Lahni - 24
      • Notices Skud
    • Rowan - 12
      • Doesn't notice Skud