Episode 296 - The Bone Pit

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"In life, Lahni just wants to have fun, and get fucked up and learn secrets about her friends and be inspiring." ~ Lahni/Nika


Episode 296 - The Bone Pit

Half the team hasn’t returned from their meeting with The Baus and Jimmy Skags is running his mouth. Luckily Toby’s potion is ready to go and probably isn’t poison! Looks like it is time for Plan B(ean) and a head on confrontation with The Baus.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Toby and Lahni need to find Rowan and Skud, and the two have differing opinions of whether or not they should wait until Toby's blood-magic-diffusing potion is done. After Bercy Hamhands and Lahni give Toby a pep-talk, they decide to go to work, until the potion is done. At the end of Toby's shift, he starts an oil fire as a distraction, making sure to push away all his friends, mainly his brother, Snatch, and Ruby. There was no reason to do this, but maybe the guards will be looking around in the kitchens instead of bothering the inmates. Toby goes back to his cell and drinks the potion. It's not great, and causes him to feel bad all over. Also, Lahni is there, having asked Bercy to cover for her. Also Also, at some point, she speeds reads The Scarlet Harlot, and utters an iconic line from it at Stymer Dunkan. Toby can cast up to 4th level spells, and has all his spell slots. He shows Snatch an image of their parents, Contessa and Arleton(?), as well as Aludra, Jaela, and Steve all having dinner, underneath the looming threat of Nareev. Guys, remember the Jett Razor arc? That shit was dope. Just like this! Anyway, Snatch cries.

Toby gives the potion to Steinar Ulth, Snatch, and Lahni. He and Lahni go to Skud's room, and Toby casts Invisibility on the two of them. Skud's cell is locked, but Lahni is able to pick it. They find the Kid Rock poster that The Baus's room is behind and enter it. They find The Baus's room, but that door is locked too! Not sensing any traps, Lahni tries to open the door quietly. She is unsuccessful. The door creaks loudly open, and Lahni hears footsteps approaching, so she closes the door. A voice behind it says "What the hell?" That's when two half-orcs open the door and step out. The invisible pals use this opportunity to do a slip in, if you know what I'm saying. Actually, that wasn't a euphemism, so you do know what I'm saying. They sneak through the door. Because they're invisible.

The room is the same as the other times we've seen it. The phrase "werdly opulent" is used. Most importantly, Lahni and Toby don't see The Pit that they know exists. Lahni gets the inkling to kill Mr. The Baus, and tries to let Toby know, silently. He gets it, but no, that's a bad idea. But, Lahni does notice that there is a giant button on the Baus' chair, which she proceeds to reach over the Baus to press. As soon as she does, the door opens, to the surprise of the Baus (But apparently, this happens a lot). Toby casts Major Image to make the door look like it is closed, using Shadowfell magic to make it seem real. No, actually he doesn't do that. Instead, he casts Blindness/Deafness to blind him, should he fail a DC 20 CON saving throw. They both fail, and, at Toby's request, Lahni attempts to shove the Baus down the Pit.

She does not.

Instead, Lahni plummets into the Pit, but she's able to grab onto the side before falling in. She pulls herself out, using her momentum to vault over The Baus, land behind him, and kick the foe himself into the Pit. This, she succeeds in. Toby casts Levitate on Lahni, resulting in them both not being invisible anymore.

In the Pit, Skud and Rowan see the Baus go tumbling down next to them. It seems the two heroes have had quite the night. They had to kill some stuff, and I can't imagine that they slept in comfort. To get down to them and reach their friends, Lahni uses Toby's Levitation to carry him down the side of the wall. It's weird. Finally, all our friends are together once more. Toby gives Skud and Rowan the potion. And they all see the Baus laying down in the bones, with one large sharp one poking out of his chest. He is dead.

Searching the body, Toby is able to find a pack of Smokes, some gold, a magical dagger... and the map to the prison. The map reveals quite a bit of information, actually. It reveals the Baus's lair, and the secret entrance leading to it. It reveals the Pit, and the secret entrance connecting it to "Level Two", the Guard Quarters. It reveals the office of Josail Longshadow, something called "Impound", and the location of Blood Room. This. Is. Huge.

Toby uses the map to find the door that leads to "Level Two", which takes them through a long hallway, which leads to a series of secret tunnels around the cafeteria, within which are some cloaked figures, all ganging up on someone. They can see the legs of this person flailing, the party gets the impression that this person is being eaten.

A voice calls out, "By Rhaegar's last breath..."


Toby and Steinar Ulth finish making their potion, so Toby and Lahni take some. It restores some, but not all, of their powers. They then travel to The Baus's lair to fight him. Toby turns them invisible, and Lahni discovers the secret button that opens the trapdoor into the pit. She pushes two things: first, the button, second, The Baus into the trapdoor. He falls to his death. Lahni carries Toby into the Pit, where the party is reunited once more. A search of the Baus's body reveals that the pit is connected to "Level Two", which is the guard's quarters. Also, it tells them the location of Josail Longshadow's office, as well as the Blood Room. They go down the hall toward Level Two, but soon come upon a group of hooded figures seeming to be eating Eckhart Dayhammer!


  • Toby seems to be just meeting Bercy for the first time, which seems weird. Also, Toby has been a fan of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons forever, which is why he would have heard of Bercy
  • Toby is O+

Quest Log Updates


  • Toby rolls Intelligence to cause a distraction by starting a fire - 6+6+6
    • He does, he knows how to do it

  • Lahni makes a Sleight of Hand check to pick the lock of Skud's room - 16+5
    • The lock opens!

  • Lahni rolls Investigate to assist Toby - 13-1
    • Toby rolls Investigate to check for traps (with advantage) - 23 or 12
      • They don't sense any traps

  • Lahni rolls Stealth to sneakily open the door (with advantage) - 7+11, 4+11
    • It creaks loudly as it opens

  • Toby rolls Insight to understand Lahni squeezing his hand - 16
    • He puzzles it out in some manor

  • Toby & Lahni roll Perception -
    • Toby - 4
      • That's bad
    • Lahni - 21
      • That's better - There's a giant button on the arm of the Baus' chair

  • Lahni rolls Stealth to lock the Baus' chair in place - 25
    • She does that

  • Lahni rolls DEX to push the Baus into the Pit - Nat1
    • She has to roll Acrobatics to avoid falling in herself - 14+11
      • She is able to grab onto the side, then pull herself back up

  • Lahni again rolls DEX to push the Baus into the Pit - 27
    • She is this time successful, and the Baus goes a'tumbling down

  • They all roll Investigation to loot the body
    • Toby - 21
    • Lahni - 17
    • Skud - Nat1
    • Rowan' - 9
      • They find some Smokes, some gold, a magical dagger, and a map