Episode 298 - The Office Space

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"Can I build a backpack out of bones, that can, in turn, hold more bones?" ~ Bachamnn


Episode 298 - The Office Space

Having defeated those weird…creatures and saved Ekhart, the gang now has to journey to the prison offices. Hopefully all of their loot is there. As it often happens, more and more guards are like, trying to stop them? Luckily, we have several... demon or dog based tricks up our sleeves.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The Tower of Grey has just met up with Eckhart Dayhammer, and everyone has a nice catch-up with each other! Skud casts Prayer of Healing on everyone, granting 15 HP. Toby tells Dayhammer that Amber Reeve can help make a new arm for him, then gives Dayhammer some of the potion to restore his spells. Now with spells and abilities, Dayhammer uses Lay on Hands (well... Hand) ability to heal Lahni even more. For 37 HP. Apparently, Dayhammer has been having a time of it. He was taken to "The Hole", and tortured until he was able to escape. He tells them that they are now on Level 3, and gives them breakdown on the prison's layout. Level 1 is the prison. Level 2 is the guard's quarters, and all their stuff is there. Level 3 is a bad place with evil monsters and torture chambers. Level 4, unknown...

Dayhammer suspects that Pelor is being kept in Level 4. And a couple days ago some people, possibly including Josail Longshadow, went down to Level 4. Welp, what to do? Toby wants more spells, and probably their stuff, so it makes sense to go up to the Guard Level, to get their stuff back. Everyone agrees, and luckily, the map leads them right there! They follow the map through paths and tunnels and whatnot, avoiding more Bodaks as they go. Eventually, the party comes up on an office, and Rowan enters first. There is, in fact, a guard up there, facing away from her. She goes back down, and tells them what she sees. Toby wants her to do a murder, so she and Lahni sneak back up. Rowan draws her dagger, sneaks up to the officer, and places the dagger against his neck while covering his mouth. She whispers, "Don't say anything." He doesn't, as Rowan spins the chair around to face her. The officer is terrified. Lahni demands egg salad sandwiches, which the man provides, reluctantly. I guess he had some in his desk drawer, I don't know. Next, Rowan demands their stuff back, but the guard says that he isn't allowed to remove anything from impound, he's not even allowed in. There are big, scary creatures guarding it. They then turn to Pelor. Questions wise, he's not actually in the room. The guard is (again, reluctantly) confirms that Pelor is down below. They have him trapped with some special device. He also name drops Torog, their god who loves imprisoning people.

Toby (pretending to be Brad) and Skud enter, now that the coast is clear. It seems the officer knows about Brad. He tells them that the guards guarding the impound have these weird metal suits, which they will stuff the prisoners into as they find them. You can't negotiate with them, they're nigh unstoppable. They've gotten what they need, so Rowan tries to knock him out with the dagger. She is unsuccessful. Toby also tries, and is unsuccessful. No one can knock this guy out, so they tie him up and put a sock in his mouth.

They are able to see on their map where the door marked "Impound" is. Outside their door, Rowan reports, is a set of double-doors, the guard's mess hall, which is bustling with sound. Echkart Dayhammer suggests starting a prison riot somehow, but the party can't think of how to do that, so they don't. Down the hall, the door to the Impound is guarded by two figures in metalic suits. Toby casts Major Image to create a giant shape of adamintine, arching in front of them. They are trapped, the arch fused against the wall. They start to scream, but Rowan casts Silence to, well, Silence them. She then attempts to pick the lock on the reinforced wooden door before them. She fails. Lahni also tries, and also fails.

Toby calles Skud over to blast Fire Bolts at the door a few times, and it's working! One more supercharged blast from Skud and the door silently blasts open! Hurray! But maybe not, actually, because the doors to the mess hall burst open, and a bunch of guards stream out. You know what that means, it's time for Skud to use his Summon Lesser Demons! Lahni and Toby launch Smokes while demons of every shape and size wreak havoc. Also, Rowan Conjures Woodland Beings to make horrific Blink Dogs run around. It's wild!


The party has rescued Eckhart Dayhammer! He tells them that he has been tortured, and is in a bad way. He also says that they are on Level 3, which is evil and bad. Level 2 is the guard's quarters, where all their stuff is being held, and below that is Level 4, where Pelor is sure to be. They go up and meet an officer in his office. Rowan and Lahni intimidate him, until he tells them where the Impound is. They go there, and Toby makes an adamintine wall that traps the two guards there, while Rowan Silences them and the area. Toby and Skud use Fire Bolts to blast open the door, but a bunch of guards show up to sound the alarm. That's when Toby and Lahni throw down Smoke Bombs, while Skud Summons a whole bunch of Lesser Demons, and Rowan Conjures a bunch of Woodland Beings, namely, Blink Dogs. It's extremely the end of The Cabin in the Woods. Spoilers.


  • The hooded creatures from the last episoode were Bodaks
  • Skud took 6 damage from the fall
  • The god of bones is name Marrow, but spelled weird, like Mya'roe, or some shit

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 13
    • Jennifer - 12
    • Nika - 3
    • Bachmann - 14

  • Skud rolls to heal everyone in his Prayer of Healing - 9+6
    • That's how much they're healed

  • Rowan rolls Stealth to sneakily enter the office - 23
    • She is very stealthy, and does that

  • Rowan again rolls Stealth for the same - 28
    • Yep

  • 'Lahni, too - 22
    • She does

  • Rowan rolls Intimidation to scare the officer - 19
    • He is intimidated

  • Rowan rolls Intimidation again (with advantage) - 16, 18
    • Lahni assists - 2
      • He continues to be intimidated

  • Toby rolls Strength to knock out the officer - 3-1
    • Fail

  • Rowan rolls Perception to peek out the door and see what's there - 26
    • She sees everything!

  • Rowan rolls Sleight of Hand to lock pick the door - 7
    • Nope

  • Lahni also rolls Sleight of Hand to do the same - 14
    • It continues to not become unlocked

  • Skud rolls Religion to pray the door unlocked - 13
    • No, stop that

  • Toby and Skud make attack rolls against the door to blast it open with Fire Bolt
    • Skud - 26
      • Hit - 28 damage
    • Toby - 20
      • Hit - 22 damage

  • They do it again
    • Skud - Nat20
      • Hit - 37 damage
    • Toby
      • Hit - 21 damage
        • The door is blasted off its hinges