Episode 299.5 - Power Fully Restored

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Lahni (left) and Rowan (right)


Episode 299.5 - Power Fully Restored

This is it! Josail Longshadow and Pelor is within our grasps! We are stronger than ever and full of righteous anger. Our quest is to free a god for, Pelor’s sake, so we have no choice but to pull out all the stops and end this once and for all. Well, until the next god goes missing. But we are even more prepared for that! We must stop whatever is going on here because not only our plane but all planes of existence could be wiped out! I hope Josail wore a clean pair of undies today.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Toby opens the episode by using his newly begotten Crystal Ball of Telepathy to Scry on? With? At? I'm not sure how the verbage of "To Scry" works. I'm gonna assume it's like "To Spy", so it would be "Toby is scrying on him". So there. Anyway, Toby uses the Ball to scry on Pelor! He's slept in his bed, you know. He sits on the ground and looks into it, and he can see the faint and shimmery image of Pelor himself, which becomes more and more focused. Just like Melora, he is floating in the air, suspended over a small pyramid. There also seems to be another similarly trapped creature to his right. Toby recognizes him as Torog, god of the Shadowfell!

There is also a woman in the room, who, Toby can occasionally hear, is saying something about the Lord of this Realm. Everyone's favorite gnome uses another of the Crystal Ball's powers, casting the spell Suggestion on the woman. She withstands the suggestion, but does "discover" Toby being there, and looks right at him. Toby takes this opportunity to speak with the woman, deciding that this is the elusive Josail Longshadow! He warns her that he and his friends are going to find them and free the captured guards, telling them who he is. This makes her laugh, and she hangs up on him.

Also, at the same time, Rowan remembers that they gave everyone in the prison back their magical powers, and they can hear some chaotic sounds from somewhere far off. Toby tells the rest of them what he saw, and they, naturally, berate him for giving away their element of surprise. They then consult the map, to figure out how to best get to the fourth level. The map tells them that there is a secret tunnel they can access from this impound room, that will connect them to the fourth level. They also see a giant room on the map, that is the room he was scrying into.

Lahni is freaking out a little bit, thinking that this is the end of the prison situation, and that she won't be able to say goodbye to those she has formed a connection with (remember she was cellmates with Bercy Hamhands, and was trying to become best friends with the evil guard Stymer Dunkan). Toby reassures her that they will most likely be able to return to the upper levels to wrap stuff up before leaving the prison. She then goes to the wall where the hidden tunnel is supposed to be and determines that it is thin enough for her to phase through. She does that, and sees a lever, which she pulls. This opens a door, from the top for some reason, and reveals a slide down into the darkness, which some kind of weird liquid begins pouring through. Lahni begins collecting some of the liquid, while Skud goes diving down the slide. The rest follow.

At the bottom of the slide, is a pool of the same liquid, and they see another wall, which they know to be the room with the two gods. Toby casts Invisibility on himself, Lahni, and Rowan, but not Skud (or Frank or Eckhart Dayhammer, neither of whom have been mentioned in this episode yet.) They discuss how best to proceed. Rowan tries the main door to the room, and it is not locked. They decide to have Lahni (still invisible) phase into the room, while Rowan and Toby (also still invisible) wait by the door, Rowan at the bow-ready. Lahni phases, and the fight begins.

Josail immediately turns and sees Lahni, despite her invisibility. Rowan deals a STAGGERING amount of damage to Josail, as does Lahni. Things look bad for a while, as Josail uses some legendary actions to heal herself, but, alas, their combined power proves too much for Josail to withstand. Rowan deals the killing blow, shooting an arrow right through her throat. Victorious, the heroes stand before the two gods they just saved...


The Tower of Grey, now fully powered, head down to the fourth level, where they find Pelor and another god, Torog, held captive by Josail Longshadow. They fight Josail, and defeat her.


  • This episode is called 299.5, because Bachmann was under the weather when this and the previous episode were recorded, and they didn't want to do Episode 300 without him. So this episode was done to "pad out" the numbering of the episodes so that Bachmann would be present for 300
  • Speaking of the last episode, Michael reveals that he wasn't intending for the man in the suit of armor to be Frank, but saw someone reference him in the Twitch chat, and decided to make it Frank. This means that the audience can influence what happens in the show. That's officially what that means
  • Lahni wants to start a The Scarlet Harlot book club with Stymer Dunkan
  • Toby is flying on his broom from now on, not walking

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • None/everyone

  • Toby rolls Arcana to see who the other trapped creature is - 9/22

  • Lahni rolls Perception to see how thick the wall is - 23
    • The wall is 10 inches thick

  • Lahni rolls Investigate to see what the weird liquid is - 23
    • It is not poisonous, but is smelly. It tastes like durian

  • Rowan also rolls Investigate to see - Nat1

  • Lahni rolls another Perception to see how thick the other wall is - 26
    • 12 ft.

  • Rowan makes a Stealth roll to silently see if the door is locked - 19
    • It is not locked

Combat Begins vs Josail Longshadow

  • Initiative
    • Rowan - 22
    • Lahni - 20
    • Toby - 13
    • Skud - 8

  • Rowan
    • Uses her Oathbow to make Josail her sworn enemy!
    • Ranged Attack (Oathbow, x2) - Nat20, 30
      • Hit, Hit - , also casts Hail of Thorns, requiring a DEX saving throw - 96 DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lahni
    • Uses a Ki point to punch 5 times - Nat20, 19, 18, two more I didn't catch
      • Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss - 50 damage!!!

  • Josail (legendary action
    • Casts Teleport to stand between Toby and Rowan
    • Melee Attack vs Rowan - 20
      • Hit - 16 bludgeoning damage, and 13 necrotic damage
    • Melee Attack vs Toby - Misses due to Illusory Self

  • Toby
    • Casts Finger of Death, requiring a CON saving throw - 12

  • Skud
    • Casts Chromatic Orb
      • Josail casts Counterspell, but Chromatic Orb is ninth level, meaning she has to make a DC 19 roll - 32
        • She succeeds, spell is countered

  • Josail (legendary action)
    • Melee Attack vs Rowan - 31
      • Hit - 29 damage

Round Two

  • Rowan
    • Casts Wind Wall, requiring a STR saving throw - 24
      • Succeed - 8 damage
    • Uses the Dancing Rapier - 23
      • Hit - 5 damage
    • Ranged Attack (Oathbow, with disadvantage) - 24
      • Hit - 24 damage

  • Lahni
    • Punches with Flurry of Blows - 17, ??, 28, 26
      • Miss, Miss, Hit, Hit - 20 damage

  • Josail (legendary action)
    • Heals herself somehow
    • Melee attacks Lahni (x2) - 22, 15
      • Hit, Miss - 16 bludgeoning and 13 necrotic damage

  • Toby
    • Moves 20 feet away
    • Casts Fire Bolt - 28
      • Hit - 24 fire damage

  • Skud
    • Casts Cure Wounds on Rowan
      • She heals for 16 hp

  • Rowan
    • Ranged Attack - 26
      • Hit - 17 - kills her!